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What is Jabber?

Jabber is an instant messaging technology, similar to AIM, Gtalk, and Yahoo IM, but unlike those IM systems, AIE has complete control over the server giving greater flexibility and configuration to allow us to create a sort of GreenWall outside of a specific game.

Additionally it allows you to Instant Message(IM) with fellow guildies while you aren't logged in game, either via a Windows/Mac desktop software or Mobile apps for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone 7.

Click here now, log in with your UMAMI login, and try it out! https://tools.aie-guild.org/jabber/

Jabber Clients

This is a no setup, lightweight client built into our own website. Button also available at the top of http://www.aie-guild.org
An easy to use client for many IM/chat services with a friendly UI. Requires a quick registration for a Trillian account but may be a good entry point for those not familiar with Jabber clients.
A full featured Jabber/XMPP client. Slightly less 'friendly' than Trillian but does the job well.
Another full featured Jabber client favorite. Flexible features to enable overlay type behavior, notifications, etc. are available through preferences and plugins that it comes with.
This one seems a top choice on iOS at this time based on experience with stability and functionality (access to rooms.)

For a more complete list of Jabber clients see Comparison of instant messaging clients on Wikipedia

More Coming Soon