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Our Corporation

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Alea Iacta Est Universal was founded on 16 July 2010. It was initially based in Scheenins in the Verge Vendor region of Gallente space. Most recently, effective 20 November 2015, Alea Iacta Est Universal is a member corporation of Blades of Grass.
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AIEU Discord

AIEU's has migrated to Discord. Join our public channel here.

AIEU Free Ships

AIEU offers a free frigate, destroyer, and mining ship program for current members. The current list of supplied ships can be found here.

AIEU Free Skill Book Library

AIEU has over 3000 skill books available to our members, free of charge. Check in the common hanger, or ask an officer for some books.

New Members

New members who are just joining AIEU should reference these guides to make their experience as enjoyable as possible.

How to Join

New Recruit FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions concerning joining AIEU.

Initial Setup

Newbie Skill Plans

  • Fleet Up Certificates -- Once signed up for a Fleet-Up account, the skills section encloses multiple skill plans for players.

Current Information

Standing Orders
Current Standing Orders can always be found here(requires Blades of Grass Registration)

AIEU, as a member of Blades of Grass, is currently staged with the coalition in QRFJ-Q. Alliance staging is also in QRFJ-Q.

Alliance services have fitting guidelines, forums, and instructions for communication services such as Discord and alliance Jabber.

New to EVE Online?

AIEU Wiki Links

Guides and Resources

New and experienced members alike find EVE a daunting environment. Below is a list of guides created by various members of the community.

General Guidance

  • Directional Scanning (Dscan) -- A guide on how to use your ships scanner for attack and defense.
  • EVE Guides -- A series of non-AIE guides are compiled on this page.
  • Useful Links -- A recap of some useful links for EVE pilots.
  • Old EVE Reference Guides -- A series of old reference guides of both useful and dubious quality, the directorate is placing here to find at a later date and clean up.
  • EVE Overview -- This is an old overview of the corp that the directorate is placing here so there is a singular place to edit this page.

Combat Guides & Resources

PvE Guides and Resources

Skylift and Logistics Guides

About EVE

EVE Online is a multi-player online interstellar warfare RPG developed by CCP Games. It is based upon a "sandbox" model, characterized by a heavy reliance upon player-driven content. It is inherently a PvP-based game that offers players a wide variety of activities, including mining, industry, exploration, NPC faction warfare, and trading.