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Greetings and well met, traveler! Welcome to the Lord of the Rings Online chapter of Alea Iacta Est! Here lies some questions and answers that you may have with AIE's adventures in Middle Earth.

How do I join AIE?

To join AIE, you must have completed the introduction before an invite can be extended. This includes the tutorial instance, introduction zone, and introduction instance. This will grant you the "Return Home" skill, along with the "Novice" Miscellaneous passive skill.

Then, you will need to apply with your character in UMAMI, located at https://umami.aie-universal.net/. Once you have received the accepted email, please look for an AIE officer in the AIELFO channel, which you can join with the command "/joinchannel aielfo". Then, kindly ask an officer for an invite to the Kinship.

What server is AIE on?

AIE can be found on Landroval. This is a role playing preferred server.

How do I contact the Officers?

Please join the AIELFO channel to contact an on-duty AIE officer. To join the channel, use the command /joinchannel aielfo.

As a member of AIE, what are the guild rules and my individual responsibilities?

Alea Iacta Est is an all-ages, family-friendly community. As a participant in the AIE:LOTRO kinship, every member is expected to keep their conversations in the forums, kinship chat, and in public Ventrilo channels suitable for children.

We will not tolerate any discrimination based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, veteran status, ancestry, or national or ethnic origin. While a healthy rivalry between in-game factions and races is acceptable, we require civil and courteous behavior towards the real people behind the keyboards.

Members should refrain from using profanity, discussing politics, religion, illegal activities, sexual orientation, or explicit sexual acts in the community forums, kinship chat, or on the Ventrilo server. These topics tend to be inflammatory due to the large and diverse makeup of the community. If you decide to participate in such discussions in which people may become insulted or feel threatened, be prepared to face the possibility of immediate expulsion from the kinship. You are more than welcomed to take such topics to a private channel, the debate board section of the Extralife forums or a private voice communications system of your choice.

Members may not harass other kinship members or players outside of the kinship. If a player asks you to cease contacting or interacting with them, please respect their wishes.

Role-playing is entirely optional. However, we ask that you respect the wishes of members in the role-playing channel on the Ventrilo server,in private chat, or at events planned specifically for role-playing. Playing or claiming RP does not grant leeway in being intentionally rude or malicious to other playing characters, kinsmen or otherwise. Should you encounter a kinsman engaging in these acts, please take screenshots and forward them to the Officers.

All members must abide by Turbine’s EULA for The Lords of the Rings Online. These can be located online at http://archive.lotro.com/support/806-tos.

These standards of behavior apply to member’s interactions with other kinship members, community members, other players outside the kinship/community, and Turbine personnel.

All members shall be held responsible for their respective accounts and characters action within the kinship. If your friend or family member logs onto your account and stirs up trouble you will be held responsible as though you did it yourself.

Members are expected to discuss requests, concerns, or disputes directly with the officers by sending e-mail to officers@lotro.aie-guild.org.

How do I become an Officer?

The Officers have a process for nominating potential candidates, and fairly rigid guidelines we follow, which are outlined in the Guild Charter. Candidates are usually found in members that have exhibited the love for the community, that understand the culture that we have built over the years, and that show the dedication and communication skills needed to manage such a large and diverse group.

What do we use for in game communication?

We use Ventrilo, and the info and password are located on Umami. https://umami.aie-universal.net/

Important: Do not share this info with anyone. It is for members only, and easily found in the appropriate place. Non-members may be approved for usage, but only in rare occasions, and only by Officers.

If you are found sharing the info, it is grounds for removal from the community.

I want to form a raid team/event/raffle/contest. How do I go about doing that?

As a member, you are encouraged to create a raid teams, leveling groups, community events, or contests of your design. The Officers take a hands-off approach when it comes to raid teams. If there is conduct that needs to be addressed, the Officers do step in then. The major exception to this rule is when a member is soliciting others for credits to run a contest. In these cases, please submit your idea to the Officers via email prior to posting on the forums, or you may run the risk of having it shut down, regardless of intent.

I want to visit the guild house! Where is it and how to I get there?

4 Brookbank Street, Troutbottom, Shire Homesteads

I would like to play some Monster Play! What is AIE's role in that?

We're interested in PvMP too! Express your interest on the forums, and let's get a group going. We can form a tribe, and wreak havoc on FREEPS!

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