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What/where is the guild in Rift?

  • Server: Deepwood (We were on Shadefallen, but moved servers at the beginning of 2012.)
  • Faction: We are Defiants!
  • Guild name: alea iacta est

How can I contact the officers?

Send e-mail to officers@aie-telara.org.

Who can join?

  • Any member of AIE in WoW or EVE or SWTOR, come on by- we're keeping the light on for ya.
  • Or, just anyone! If you're not even a member of AIE yet, but would like to join us anyway- we'd love to have you! See below how to sign up in UMAMI.
  • We ask that you be at least level 6 and have left Terminus before filling out the application and joining us.

How do I join?

  • Register with the AIE gaming community's UMAMI application.
  • Once registered, you may submit an application for Rift. After you have been accepted, /join aielfo to ask for an available officer to invite you.
  • Typically, the best time to catch an officer online is evenings, after 9:00 Eastern time.

What's the rules? There's gotta be rules, right?

We are keeping basically the same rules as AIE in WoW. Here's the high points:

  • No cursing. Keep guild chat at least PG-13.
  • No memes/Charlie Sheen/He Who Shall Not Be Named, But Played The Title Role In Walker:Texas Ranger/etc.
  • Capital letters begin sentences and proper nouns. They are not CRUISE CONTROL FOR AWESOME.

If you want more details, check the full write-up of AIE policies.

Who's running this show?

  • Xiaxian (Shasu/Cerena/Gypsygirl) is our GM. In addition to many toons & build, she has about every profession covered, so bug her for stuff.
  • Some other officers are: Ralff, Ayhood
  • All officers have invite privileges--we'd be delighted to have you along!