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Alea Iacta Est Classis

Fleet Charter

Alea Iacta Est (AIE) is a casual gaming community that was started by the creators/fans/friends of The Instance/ELR/Buzz out Loud/Jawbone Radio/Mahalo Daily on the Earthen Ring (RP)-US Realm of World of Warcraft. We have since expanded into other games, including SW:TOR, Rift, EVE, GW2, TSW, LotRO and now STO.

Our Mission

Alea Iacta Est Classis (latin for "fleet") strives to foster an engaging, rich community within Star Trek Online while providing the highest level of enjoyment for all players and play-styles.


AIE Classis is a Federation fleet in the free to play MMO, Star Trek Online (STO). STO takes place in the Star Trek universe of the 25th century. The guild is located on the 'Holodeck' server (STO has a single live server, using instanced zones to handle server load).

AIE Classis encourages new and returning players and is a very casual fleet. We are not a strict raiding fleet nor a strict PvP fleet nor a strict role-playing fleet (although we may have groups of people in the fleet who pursue such interests). We are a fleet that believes that all players should be given the opportunity to experience multiple aspects of game play and that a lack of experience does not imply a lack of aptitude.

Every voice in AIE is equal, and we enjoy open conversation as long as you do not belittle your fellow members. If you have any ideas/suggestions/comments/etc, please submit them to the officers at any time, via the proper channels.

As a member of AIE with the tag over your character’s head, you represent AIE as a whole and are expected to act accordingly. You may not get along with everybody in the fleet, but you are expected to be polite and civil to your fellow fleetmates.

"Ignorantia legis neminem excusat" (Ignorance of the law excuses no one). Every member is expected to be familiar with the fleet policies and abide by them.

Joining AIE Classis

New and returning STO players are encouraged to join. The fleet provides benefits such as a starbase, fleet bank and other AIE members to play and adventure with.

Application Process

Participation in the Alea Iacta Est guild requires registration with UMAMI, AIE's membership database located at

Accepted applications will receive an invite to the fleet that may be accepted on your next login to the game.

Fleet Structure

The fleet is presided over by a small corps of officers who are tasked with ensuring the framework for enjoyment in Star Trek Online runs as smoothly as possible. Activities pursued in the game are completely at each member's discretion. Members may take up leadership roles in organizing events, elite task force missions, and other activities.

Member Ranks

Membership ranks in AIE:STO are comprised of officer and member ranks. Details of the ranks follow.

Recruit: After having a membership application approved a member is invited and joins as a recruit. This is a probationary rank with limited privileges. During this time, the Recruit is expected to become familiar with the fleet policies and to register in the official fleet forums.

Within four to eight weeks of joining, the Recruit’s membership status will be reviewed and the member will be either promoted to Crewman rank or removed from the fleet.

Crewman: A Crewman is considered a member in good standing and carries with it the full privilege and responsibility of AIE membership.
Founder: Founder is the highest non-officer rank in AIE. A Founder has the same privileges as Crewman but joined during the Expeditionary Phase.

Officer Ranks

Officers in AIE:STO are facilitators as well as arbiters. The focus is on providing a strong, consistent framework for enjoyment of our diverse community within the game. This includes the day-to-day administration, such as: processing member applications, enforcement of fleet policies, and helping to ensure an atmosphere conducive to what we have come to expect from the AIE gaming community.

Officer Corps Ranks

Officer: The ones who "lead from the front" and are available to help fleet members, answer questions and provide guidance.
Deputy Director – 2nd in Command: Senior officers who share the responsibilities of the Fleet Director and provide counsel to the Officers.
Fleet Director - Command: Officer responsible for the daily presence and operation of the fleet: fleet upgrades and boosts, general assistance, and conflict resolution.

The officers of AIE:STO may be contacted by e-mailing: Insert officers e-mail address here.


The fleet has a Starbase and Embassy. As a member you are encouraged to donate to the building of these enhancements. The Starbase will become a central gathering hub for AIE members and we can invite potential members there as well as well as hold fleet events.

As the Starbase gains in levels more and more functionality will be unlocked, from aesthetic enhancements to the ability to buy high end fleet equipment and ships.

Behavior and Expectations

Alea Iacta Est welcomes all play-styles and players who embody our vision of excellence through a sense of mutual respect and courtesy for one another and the community-at-large while enjoying these games we play.

Naming Policies

Because of the unique size of the community and the audience we cater to, there will be a naming policy in effect. This is in order to ensure Officers have no issues inviting toons or debating whether a name is acceptable or not. Any names that go against the posted rules will be rejected.

The following rules will apply to names:

  • No illegal drugs or references
  • No profanity
  • No names scatological, profane, or offensive in nature, or other names deemed inappropriate by the Officers

Fleet Chat Policy

Due to the size of the fleet, fleet chat must be treated as a public address system, not as a private chat channel

  • Members may not beg for gold/credits or items in fleet chat (or via any other means).
  • Members may not "spam" fleet chat or "shout" (messages in all caps) in fleet chat.
  • Members may ask for help from members at an equivalent level, but may not ask for power leveling or run-throughs.
  • Members are free to offer run-throughs for other members, but they may not solicit or accept gold or any other real or virtual commodity in return.
  • Members engaging in topics or styles of discussion that are disruptive, immature, or better suited for alternate venues will be asked to take their discussions to private channels.

There are no role-playing requirements within the fleet or in fleet chat.

Member Conduct

Alea Iacta Est Classis is an all-ages, family-friendly fleet. Members are expected to keep their conversations in the forums, fleet chat, and in public Ventrilo channels suitable for children.

  • We will not tolerate any discrimination based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, veteran status, ancestry, or national or ethnic origin. While a healthy rivalry between in-game factions and races is acceptable, we require civil and courteous behavior towards the real people behind the keyboards.
  • Members should refrain from using profanity, discussing politics, religion, illegal activities, sexual orientation, or explicit sexual acts in the fleet forums, fleet chat, or on the Ventrilo server. These topics tend to be inflammatory due to the large and diverse makeup of the fleet. If you decide to participate in such discussions in which people may become insulted or feel threatened, be prepared to face the possibility of immediate expulsion from the fleet. You are more than welcomed to take such topics to a private channel, the debate board section of the Extralife forums or a private voice communications system of your choice.
  • Members may not harass other fleet members or players outside of the fleet. If a player asks you to cease contacting or interacting with them, please respect their wishes.
  • Role-playing is entirely optional. However, we ask that you respect the wishes of members in the role-playing channel on the Ventrilo server,in private chat, or at events planned specifically for role-playing. Playing or claiming RP does not grant leeway in being intentionally rude or malicious to other playing characters, fleeties or otherwise. Should you encounter a fleetie engaging in these acts, please take screenshots and forward them to the Officers.
  • These standards of behavior apply to member’s interactions with other fleet members, other players outside the fleet, and Perfect World personnel.
  • All members shall be held responsible for their respective accounts and characters action within the fleet. If your friend or family member logs onto your account and stirs up trouble you will be held responsible as though you did it yourself.
  • Members are expected to discuss requests, concerns, or disputes directly with the officers by sending e-mail to Insert officers


Alea Iacta Est Classis has many forms of communication available to members, and the Behaviors and Expectations policies apply to all of them.


Web forums are available for Star Trek Online.

This is one of the best ways to interact with other members of the community outside the game. Don’t hesitate to get involved!

Fleet Chat

This is the most public means of communication for those playing the game. Consequently, be very aware of your conduct here and know that officers will be vigilant in enforcing the behaviors and expectations of the guild.


You may contact the officers in-game or by sending email to


In addition to the website, we also have a fleet wiki (this one, that you're reading now). Any member may contribute content to the wiki.


The 400 seat Ventrilo server provided by Typefrag is for the exclusive use of AIE members. Sharing the server information with a non-member is not permitted unless explicit permission has been obtained by the officers. The server information is available from UMAMI.

  • Ventrilo channels marked "DND" are considered do-not-disturb channels. If you wish to join a channel marked DND to participate or merely listen, please ask one of the members in the channel first via whisper.
  • The use of software agents to play background music is permitted in Ventrilo channels that are not considered common channels if no participants in the channel have an objection and the music itself does not violate the guild policy.
  • Recording in a Ventrilo channel may only be done with express permission of all members in the channel, explicit notification of the members in the channel, and within the constraints of applicable laws.

Main AIE Website

Currently, the main AIE website is, which contains many informative links. News stories are frequently posted on the main page.

AIE Social Networks

Twitter: @aie_guild #aieguild