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Welcome to Alea Iacta Est, a World of Warcraft guild on the Earthen Ring US realm (RP PvE).

Who We Are

We are a diverse, all-ages Horde guild with over 3500 people (with roughly double to triple that many characters). We encourage our members to try different aspects of the game that they might not have tried before and provide an environment with little pressure or angst.

The biggest benefit of AIE is the attitude and hospitality of the members. If you are looking for a guild full of helpful individuals who will give you a chance to learn the game at your own pace, who will treat you with courtesy and respect, and who you will be able to recommend to friends and family members without worry ... this is the guild for you.

We will also give you the biggest slab of guild chat you've ever had on your plate. Prior to the implementation of guild size limits prior to Cataclysm, AIE was (to our knowledge) the largest North American WoW guild. We ae even bigger now, but we are organized into several "co-guilds" that have their guild chat linked by the GreenWall addon (which we developed).

We run our own Mumble and Jabber servers and share our online forums with the Frogpants podcast community.

While we have many accomplished raiding teams, we do not organize raiding at the guild level. There are no class, spec, or time commitments required for membership in the guild. If you are interested in raiding or group PvP, you can join one of the member-run teams or start your own.

We also organize a quarterly Craft Faire to assist our members in leveling their professions.

How To Join

  1. Read our guild policy.
  2. Create an account on UMAMI, our membership management site.
  3. Submit an application.


Technical Resources

Warlords of Draenor Resources