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Welcome to AIE!

If you are new to Alea Iacta Est (AIE), we welcome you to the community. If you have played with AIE in another game, we're glad you've chosen to try out Guild Wars 2.

AIE is not just a Guild Wars 2 guild. It is a gaming community composed of thousands of members and spanning multiple multi-player, online games. We started as a World of Warcraft guild formed by the fans of The Instance podcast in February of 2007. Since then, we've grown into several other games and we continue to grow.

Your Invite

Despite the vast improvement that Guild Wars 2 introduces with respect to inviting members to the guild, there is still a bit of manual work that needs to be done by the officers to get your invite sent. You should receive you invite within 24 hours of receiving an acceptance e-mail or seeing your application status move to Accepted in UMAMI.

You can check whether an in-game invite has been issued on the UMAMI accounts tab. If you see True in the invited column but don't have an invite in the game, contact the officers for a new invite.

First Steps

The AIE Forums

Take a moment to register on our forums. The forums are one of the primary ways we communicate as a guild and as a community. It is where important announcements are made and where team activities are coordinated.

It may seem strange to some that we don't have forums dedicated to AIE, but share them with the larger Frogpants and ExtraLife crowd. But community is our focus and that's the community what spawned us. We get much more from these forums than we would from independent ones.

The AIE Discord

AIE has a Discord server the provides realtime text and voice chats. The invite link/code is on the front page at UMAMI once you are logged in. Discord is a newer service, but is rapidly becoming a major place to interact for the community. There is both a GW2 text chat channel and a voice channel.

Read the Guild Policy

Take a few minutes and make sure you understand the guild policies. You don't need to memorize them, but as a member you are expected to be familiar with them.


We have a Mumble server that is shared by the whole community. You can log in and chat with other AIE members regardless of what game you're playing or whether you're even playing a game.

Any channels on the server marked with DND (Do Not Disturb) should only be joined if the group using the channel has invited you to join them. Any other channels are open and you should feel free to jump in, but please be mindful of whether a channel is devoted to a specific game. The Lounge channels have no specific topic.

Representing the Guild

This is purely a Guild Wars 2 game mechanic. In order to access guild storage, guild buffs and to contribute to the guild favour you must be representing the guild.

Location of the "Represent" button in the guild window.

You can set your representation by hitting the G key in game to bring up the guild window. If you select Alea Iacta Est Xiphos (AIEx) as the guild and see this at the bottom you need to set your representation.

GW2 Not Representing.png

Click on the Represent button and you should see it change to this.

GW2 Representing.png

Other Resources

The AIE Podcast

AIE Podcast

The AIE Podcast is an independently run podcast that covers all of the aspect of the AIE community, including our presence in Guild Wars 2. It is one of the best ways to keep abreast of the happenings within AIE and to learn more about the games that we occupy and the games we are expanding into.

If you have information to share, please consider becoming a contributor.

Dragonbrand Community, Forum, and TeamSpeak

Dragonbrand Home Page

Dragonbrand Forum

Because of the megaserver system and cross-server guilds, your server is now close to irrelevant in GW2. However, GW2 WvW team composition is still built around the server you put your account on (though the devs have been looking into changing this) so in order to coordinate in WvW various of the Dragonbrand guilds have set up a community forum and a teamspeak. We do want our members to be aware of these efforts, participate if they can, and be mindful of how they represent our guild among the server population.

This Wiki Right Here!

Any good write-ups, or summaries of GW2 information created by AIE folk right here on this wiki. To see all GW2 related pages, just click on the Guild Wars 2 link in the games section on the left. For example the page on Mystic Forge Recipes.

Contacting the Officers

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please contact the officers at E-mail is the quickest way to get a response in most situations, but the officers are also very active on the Discord server.