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This table shows the current status of the individual game tracks in AIE's Guild Expansion Readiness Program (GERP).

Please note that the information here is subject to change, a lot of change.

Game Name Game Tag Current Phase Release Date Expedition Leaders Settlement Start Date Settlement Leader Letter of Intent Deadline UMAMI Status Policy Status
Guild Wars 2 gw2 Domain 28 Aug 2012, 25 Aug 2012 (early access) velinos, ZeeWire, Zerbious 28 Aug 2012 Durus 1 Sep 2012 Supported
Lord of the Rings Online lotro Settlement Gorgesh, Ingormar 19 Dec 2012 Ingormar Supported
Star Trek Online sto Expedition Capt. Hunter Unsupported
The Secret World tsw Domain 3 Jul 2012 Sindrake 2 Aug 2012 Sindrake TBD Supported
MechWarrior Online mwo Expedition Aug 7 2012 (early access) Tuku TBD TBD TBD Unsupported
Final Fantasy XIV FFXIV Expedition August 27, 2013 Abovan, Kelseer, Bonroku TBD TBD TBD Unsupported