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This table shows the current status of the individual game tracks in AIE's Guild Expansion Readiness Program (GERP).

Please note that the information here is subject to change, a lot of change.

Game Name Game Tag Current Phase Release Date Expedition Leaders Settlement Start Date Leader UMAMI Status Policy Status
Guild Wars 2 gw2 Domain 28 Aug 2012, 25 Aug 2012 (early access) velinos, ZeeWire, Zerbious 28 Aug 2012 Ralff Supported
Lord of the Rings Online lotro Domain April 24,2007 Gorgesh, Ingormar 19 Dec 2012 Dux Supported
Star Trek Online sto Domain Capt. Hunter February 20, 2013 Capt. Hunter Supported
The Secret World tsw Domain 3 Jul 2012 Sindrake 2 Aug 2012 RattoZatto Supported
MechWarrior Online mwo Expedition Aug 7 2012 (early access) Tuku TBD TBD Unsupported
Final Fantasy XIV FFXIV Domain August 27, 2013 Abovan, Kelseer, Bonroku Sept 20, 2013 Abovan Supported
WildStar WS Retired 3 June 2014 (headstart 31 May 2014) Durus, Kav 30 May 2014 Kav Retired
The Elder Scrolls Online TESO Retired April 4, 2014 Grimbane TBD Grimbane Retired
Landmark Landmark Discovery TBD TBD TBD TBD Unsupported
Star Citizen RSI:SC Discovery TBD TBD TBD TBD Unsupported
ArcheAge AA Dropped September 19, 2014 None None None Unsupported