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The miniGERP is our way of getting AIE into games that are not full-blown MMOs or require a lot of management. We want to use this short process so we can get into these games quickly as they become popular, and point our members to the official AIE group/guild/server.

What kind of games are applicable for miniGERP?

  • Social MMO type games
  • Games that are more than Game Center type pairing or individual friends list
  • Something that has a big interest spike, and want to move quickly on.

The miniGERP Steps

  1. Even though any AIE member can bring the game to our notice (forums, email, w/e)...
  2. An officer kicks it off and "owns" the game. I.e. is the game director.
  3. That officer is required to post in the Imperium Ludi section of the Officer forums with all the info, and we discuss who all wants to help out and how it will be run. But with a quick turn-around--like 2 days. A different officer could become director
  4. Game director is responsible for making a wiki page that has at least:
    • How to get the game and join an AIE "guild" in it.
    • Membership rules (what will get you kicked, what will get you promoted)
  5. We announce the new AIE Game via Twitter™, Extralife™ forums, and on (all pointing to the wiki page).

Where will these Games fit in?

In addition to our other game types(domain, settlement, expedition) we have added a new type: "Minor League Games", for these miniGERPed games.