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The Alea Iacta Est Craft Faire Event for World of Warcraft

The AIE Craft Faire is a twice a year event hosted by WoW guild Alea Iacta Est. Anyone with an AIE guild tag can attend, and the event is held in Silvermoon City so members of any level can join in on the fun. This is a great way to level up your professional skills and to give back to the community. Almost all of the materials needed are donated by guild members and given away for free. The exceptions are threads, soulbound items, hard to get end level materials, such as Blood Spirits, etc.

The purposes of this event are as follows:

  • to get AIE members to meet and greet one another
  • to help everyone level their skills no matter WHAT level they are at
  • to help Silvermoon City with a little PR
  • to help the guild banks get rid of some mats that have been just sitting there
  • to remind everyone we are one family, one community, and not just a guild in WoW

This event is held in loving memory of Milliway.

Policies and Guidelines

Here is a list of general policies and guidelines that everyone is expected to follow:

  • If you are working the Craft Faire, you must have an authenicator.
  • If you are attending the Craft Faire to level your profession, that toon must be in one of the AIE co-guilds.
  • Any items that you create during leveling that is disenchantable, must be handed back over to be sent to the enchanting team.
  • Make sure that you follow the profession captain's instructions exactly. Only make what they tell you. Do not create your own leveling guide.

Forum Posts and Links

Here are a list of forum posts or links related to the Craft Faire

Official Forum Post


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Helpful Hints

Here are some helpful hints you should keep in mind if you plan on working or attending a Craft Faire:

  • First off, thank you to Toshiko for the original Craft Faire wiki page.
  • Please remember manners are important: Please and thank yous are wonderful.
  • Everything is on a first come, first serve basis. The captains have final say on if they have enough materials remaining to level you to max.
  • Please don't be greedy: Don't come with your 5 alts and expect us to level all 6 of your toons' professions. Remember while you might "need" it, there is probably a guildie who is leveling their first character and "needs" it more.
  • This event is to level your professional skills, NOT for you to get free materials to make weapons, armor, pets, mounts, etc.
  • Remember, this event is completely run by VOLUNTEERS from the guild. They are taking time out of real life and game time to help you.

Craft Faire Raffle

The Craft Faire hosts a raffle during the course of the Faire. While some of the gold raised from the raffle helps to purchase materials, storage bank tabs, etc., the majority of the gold is used to purchase prizes, such as rare pets, mounts, etc. The raffle has grown right along with the Faire. So much so that it takes its own wiki page to explain it in detail. Please visit Craft Faire Raffle for more information.

Materials and Professions Guides

Here is a list of needed materials and which toon(s) to send them to. Also, each profession has specific important information that you need to know if you plan on leveling it during the Faire. You can find that information on the pages below.

Materials Guide

This guide has a listing of all bank alts for each profession that you can send materials to. Most professions have a spreadsheet detailing what materials they use, what they have in stock, and how much more they need.

Professions Guides

Many captains have specific information on their profession that you need to know. It may be certain recipes you have to buy from a vendor, or certain rep with a faction, or some sort of hard to find material. Also, while some professions use a standard leveling guide, there are some that have custom leveling guides, tailored around the available and ease of farming certain materials. Please make sure you read up on any profession you want to level, before you come to the Craft Faire, by following the links below.

Event Specific Information

Please click on the link below for the Craft Faire information you are interested in. If you have any questions on the Craft Faire that is not answered on wiki, please email me.

Current Craft Faire

This is where you find out what's going on with the current craft faire.

Previous Craft Faires

Archives of information from previous faires.