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Casual Crusaders: Your feel-good raiding team.

Most nights you can find any of our members doing things in real life. On one or two nights, you can find them beating the snot out of Sartharion, Archavon, or any of those disgusting things in Naxx.


DKP, yes DKP.

Further Explanation when i'm not as tired.

Roster: Tank: Barvinge- Main Tank Kragin- Off Tank Teradar- Off Tank or Main Tank

DPS: Abovan- Crit Chicken, soon to be Feral tank Diseases- Death Knight Sarkath- Death Knight Ohrkid- Death Knight Chalmuun- Ret-adin MXCOriginal- Fury Warrior Ikaguran- Kitty Kat Cattleun- Hunter Abyssalfiend- Death Knight

Heals: Naasuk- Healadin Polynomials- Tree Abovan- Tree Thornhip- Sham-WoW Xesu- Priest Vandilight- Healadin Vesteria- Healadin

These people on the roster have run with us at one point or another. They may not necessarily be continual members, but their DKP is being tracked.