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About the Raid Team

Wednesday Night Wipefest® (WNW®) is a semi-hardcore raiding team in the AIE Comitas Guild. Though full of fun, merriment and about a handle of Jack (for extremely awesome men like Jolygreen), the team remains focused on success in end game content. The team has a blast while raiding, but expects its team members to come prepared and to be raid aware.

This team is for you if you:

•Like to have fun

•Make people laugh and/or enjoy laughing

•Don’t mind picking on Appo

•Have a sense of humor

•Are serious about end game content

•Hate gnomes

This team is NOT for you if you:

•Spend your Justice/Valor Points to make gold instead of buying better gear to benefit the raid team

•Incite drama

•Care more about loot than the people in the raid team

•Are looking for a raid team for your fifth alt

•Like gnomes


Wednesday Night Wipefest ® raids on Tuesday nights from 9:30PM (server) to 1:00AM.

We realize that this schedule may seem incongrous with our raid team name, but think about it: if Wednesday nights are wipefests, then our only chance for success would reason to fall on some other night! Hence, WNW® raids on Tuesdays. Just accept it.

Raid Team Membership

Core Raid Team Members

Main Tank: Appodin – Adequate Protection Paladin

Off Tank/Melee DPS: Helghast – Blood/Unholy Death Knight

Tank Healer: Lydeeia – Discipline Priest

Raid Healer: Appomaster – Restoration Druid

Healer/Melee DPS: Rhazin – Restoration/Enhancement Shaman

Ranged DPS: Wyndel – Mage

Ranged DPS: Oscurio – Shadow Priest

Ranged DPS: Dabork - Warlock

Alternate Team Members

DPS/Healer: Dàshka – Elemental Shaman

DPS/Healer: Spottedcow – Elemental Shaman

Tank/Melee DPS/Healer: Acaldraa – Pally of All Trades

Ranged DPS: Jolygreen – Hunter

Melee DPS: Ravishing - Rogue

NOTE TO RAIDERS: To maintain your “Core Raid Team” raiding position, Wednesday Night Wipefest® expects you to consistently participate in WNW® raids. Everyone (except perhaps Appodin) knows that there’s life outside of Azeroth, and WNW® understands that sometimes the unexpected can rear its ugly head (no offense, Appomaster). If something prevents you from raiding, please inform the raid team, if feasible. If, however, you are unable to attend two consecutive raid nights, or three raids in a span of six, your raid status will be changed from Core to Alternate in an effort to promote stability.

  • WNW® is currently accepting applications for alternate team members at this time. Send an in-game mail to Appodin if you are interested.

“Raid Leader” Philosophy

The “Raid Leader” position for WNW® does not fall to a single player. In fact, the various duties typically performed by a Raid Leader are performed by different individuals, some of which rotate on a weekly basis. This is a collaborative team where each member is respected and has the opportunity to lead. Each leader will be responsible for a portion of raid leading below.

Encounter Orchestrators: Rotates based upon volunteers. Defaults to Appodin

Responsible for knowing each boss encounter and assigning roles. Knowing what the team is doing to suck and how to fix it. Coming prepared to each encounter. Knows the roles of all classes and how to utilize them.

Raid Organizer:

Responsible for sending calendar invites, laying the hammer down on tentative replies and filling the raid when it is close to raid start time. Also responsible for saving raid IDs if a lockout is desired.

Raid Quartermaster: Oscurio

Master looter. Operates KSK (see Loot) and maintains suicide lists for each instance. Dabork assists with these duties as Raid Dime-master.

Raid Chef de Cuisine: Ravishing

Responsible for preparing feasts and other raid-wide buff items (sans Cauldron of Battle: see Raid Mixologist). Ravishing has graciously accepted the responsibility of providing food for the team and is bestowed the title of "Ravishing the Awesomesaucey" Oscurio will help as "Sous-Chef So-so-saucey".

Raid Mixologist: Rhazin Also known as "His Dudeness of Cauldrons."

Responsible for brewing delicious Cauldrons of Battle for the entire raid to enjoy. Until aie comitas reaches guild level 20, Appodin will serve as Cauldronwench, providing supplemental flasks to ensure the whole raid team is appropriately flasked.

Raid Historian: Dabork

Records, registers and maintains logs of every boss encounter.

Raid Leader of Record: Appodin

Primary liaison between the WNW® raid team and the alea iacta est guild leadership. Doesn’t really do much...


WNW® utilizes the Suicide Kings loot system for progression content on main spec gear. A player's main spec is defined as the spec the player uses most often in WNW® raids. (If there is any room for ambiguity, please identify your “main spec” to the loot master for the sake of clarity.) The Suicide Kings loot distribution system is explained in detail here.

To facilitate distributing loot, WNW® uses the Konfer Suicide Kings add-on, which does not require every raid member to have the add-on. When you join the raid team, your name is randomly inserted into each list using the Konfer SK feature.

Some additional notes on WNW® and KSK:

  • Any PUG raiders will be randomly added to the bottom 50% of each KSK list
  • WNW® employs separate KSK lists for each raid (separate lists for Throne of the Four Winds, Blackwing Descent, etc.) as well as separate lists for each of the following:
- Tier items/tier tokens
- Off-spec BOE items
- Crafting patterns
  • Wyndel is the raid team's designated Disenchanter and will receive all Green items and any other items receiving no bids for disenchantment. If resources are available, Wyndel will enchant new items for team members in real time as applicable, maximizing the benefit of new gear to the raid team.
  • Off-spec gear (BOP items with no main-spec bids) is distributed by a random open roll (/roll).

Legendary Weapons

Legendary weapons, or any components required to create a legendary weapon, will be distributed to the team member most likely to contribute the greatest utility for the raid team, as determined by a consensus of the raid team following discussion. If the legendary weapon requires components, each component looted will be distributed to the designated team member until all required components are collected, at which point the raid team will select a new designated team member to begin working towards the legendary weapon.


If, in the event of popular uprising, Acts of God or sheer laziness, both the Raid Quartermaster and backup are unable to attend, making current KSK lists unavailable, WNW® will enact Emergency Loot Powers and enact Martial Loot, reverting to a Need Before Greed loot distribution system.


Wednesday Night Wipefest® expects its members to:

  • Be responsive! Calendar invites are to be accepted, declined or put as tentative at least 2 days before raid (NLT Monday evening). The Raid Organizer needs time to figure out the team make up and determine if additional raiders (PUGs) are needed. If you do choose Tentative, please send a team member a tell or a mail explaining the circumstances.
  • Be on time! Invites will start going out at 9:15pm server and we will fill up any spots with Standby raiders or Pug's at 9:25pm sever unless you notify Appodin prior to the raid.
  • Be prepared! Have a raid nights supply of reagents, back-up/specialty food (Ravishing will have feasts), Healing/Mana Pots and have gear repaired. Also, please ensure the following required add-ons are enabled: Omen, Ventrilo, DBM. Some additional add-ons that may prove beneficial: Decursive, Grid/Clique.
  • Be aware! Please watch the Tankspot videos on current and upcoming bosses we will encounter. Time spent explaining encounters equals less time on other bosses, so please know what to do!