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Welcome to Alea Iacta Est!

Before Joining

How To Join

To be invited to one of the co-guilds, you must be logged into World of Warcraft and you must have left any guild you previously belonged to.

  • Please do not whisper officers directly.
  • Please do not not ask for an invite until you have received an acceptance e-mail or see your application status listed as Accepted in UMAMI.
  1. Join the aieLFO public chat channel (/join aieLFO) and ask for an invite. Please be patient, as the officers may be occupied.
  2. Once you have received your invite please leave the channel (/leave aieLFO) so the officers can see who still needs assistance.
  3. If the aieLFO channel requests a password, please check the UMAMI bulletin "The WoW aieLFO channel". This will list the current backup channel.

Highly Recommended

  • Create an account on the guild forums. While the Frogpants forums are not solely for AIE, they are the official forums for the community from which we formed and which are integral to AIE. These forums are a great way to learn more about AIE and to find other members whith which to raid and quest.
  • Log into our Discord server. We can't stress enough how much voice communication can make your time as a new member easier.
  • Log into the Mumble server. This is a legacy voice service, but still in use by many raid teams.

How To Get Help

If you have a problem, the quickest and surest way to get the attention of all the officers is to send e-mail to We love to hear comments, questions, and criticisms via e-mail.