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These are add-ons that we find to be very useful. These add-ons will enhance not only your interaction with members of the guild, but with all players on the Earthen Ring realm.

Guild Standards


Due to the guild size limitations that were introduced by Blizzard in 4.0.1 (pre-Cataclysm), AIE has been converted to a confederation of container guilds (co-guilds). The GreenWall add-on ties together the guild chat channels of the co-guilds to simulate a large, monolithic guild.

You are not strictly required to run GreenWall, but you are not allowed to complain about confusion caused by missing or one-sided conversations if you are not running it.


aieCallToArms is an addon that helps you find other AIE members (and friends of AIE) that are looking for or forming groups for instances, raids, questing and more. It collects all AIELFG messages and keeps them in a list for you so you can see everything at a glance. The addon puts a button on your minimap that shows you the number of messages. Once you click the button you will see all of the messages or you can create your own.

Highly Recommended


If you like instances or raiding, this add-on is critical. A good threat meter helps you keep aggro where it needs to be and keeps wipes to a minimum. It can also improve your DPS, read Threshold Braking for WoW for an explanation why.

Download: Omen at


Whenever anyone asks something like , “what’s a good price for the Silky Frobnitz of the Leopard in the Auction House?” in guild chat, you have seen where this add-on can help. It’s a utility for recording statistics on prices in the Auction House and making recommendations on what to ask for items that you wish to sell. It also has several other related utilities that you can install individually, or together from a single distribution.

Download: Auctioneer Download


If you want to let people know about how your main is while on your alt characters, there is no better way then Identity. See the Identity Guide for information on setting it up.

Download: Identify at