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This is a summary page designed to make it easier for people to locate the active AIE raiding teams. It has information about the currently active raiding teams, filled in by the raid team members. Also see the Raiding Progression page for the current progression status of our raiding teams.

  • AIE Members Looking to Raid - View the table below to find a raid team to join. You can sort the table by clicking on the arrows; select the Recruiting column to show all the teams that currently are recruiting new members. You can also post on The Raid "Free Agent" List in the forums. Solarflair has also put together a guide for Applying to Raiding Teams.
  • Raid Team Members - See the Raid Team Summary Template for information about how to add your raid team to this page and keep it up to date.

Active AIE Raiding Teams

Raid Team Name Content Size Recruiting Recruitment
Co-Guild Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Forum Contact Game Contact
Crucial Taunt Tier 13H 10 No Comitas 10p-12a 10p-12a Topic or PM Blooddrive Blooddrive
Better Late Than Never Progression 10 No Standby 8:30p-11:30p Server Topic or PM Sokotep Sokotep
DBM Tier 13 10 yes 1healer 1Mdps 9:00pm - Midnight server Ratzinger Crayvn
Drop Bear Mafia Tier 14 10 No Standby Fortuna 8:30-11:00pm AEDT LeetaWow Leetar
Defenders of a Shattered Ego Tier 12 10 Yes Standby 9PM-12AM 9PM-12AM Topic or PM Thizmo Posiy Thizmo
Drunk with Power Tier 13 10 Yes Standby Fidelis 1:30AM-4:30AM 1:30AM-4:30AM Topic or PM Solador Blankenship Solador Blankenship
Epic Escorts Tier 12 & 13 10 8:00 - 11:00PM PST Topic or PM Mizzat Mizzie
Gank and Spank Tier 14 10 Yes 3 players of any role Invictus 9:30 - 12:30PM 9:30 - 12:30PM Topic Icritdaily
If Looks Could Kill Progression 10 Always Always Dignitas 9:00PM-11:59PM 9:00PM-11:59PM 9:00PM-11:59PM Yes Eade
I'm Not Dead Yet Tier 12 10 No Comitas 8:30PM-11:00PM 8:30PM-11:00PM Topic or PM Ponfarr Tyberiuss
Insane Horde Posse Tier 13 10 No Audacia 9PM-11:30PM Topic or PM Otuel Otuel
Just Blame the Healers Tier 12 10 Yes Standby Audacia 8:30-11:30pm 8:30-11:30pm 8:30-11:30pm Topic or PM Shaeli Shaelí
Kiddie Aggro Tier 13 10 Yes Standby 9PM-11:30PM 9PM-11:30PM Forum or PM Nagratz Nagratz
Lone Wolf Ronins Tier 14 10 Yes Standby Fidelis 7:30PM-11PM AEST Topic or PM Szeen Szeen
Midnight Munchies Not Currently Raiding 10 No 12:30am-3am 12:30am-3am Topic Rowster Adarystus
Nipple and Star Tier 11 & 12 10 No Fortuna 10PM-12AM 10PM-12AM Topic or PM Roebeast Roebeast
Oh No! Enrage Timer! Tier 15 10 No Salus 8PM-10PM 8PM-10PM Topic or PM Runasrin Runasrin
Old School Raiding Achievements, Mostly Meta 10 Always Anyone Welcome 8:30p-11:30p Server Topic or PM Jeratul Havah Jeratul Havah
Raiders on the Storm Tier 14 10 Yes 1mDps, Standby Salus 11pm - 2am 11pm - 2am Dazhgra
Revenge of the Noobs Tier 11 & soon 12 10 Yes Healers and DPS 10PM-12AM 10PM-12AM Topic or PM Shrimpiclese Shrimpiclese
RFL Tier 13 10 Yes 1 Healer 1 DPS 3-7pm Topic or PM Kasshern Kasshern
Roll For Initiative Tier 12 10 Yes Standby Invictus 10PM-1AM 10PM-1AM Topic or PM Bulkathos Teenytank Bulkathos Teenytank
Shasta & Mixtapes Tier 14 10 Yes 2 rDPS (Hunter/Mage) Salus 8:30pm - 11:30pm 8:30pm - 11:30pm Topic or PM Boon Romey Jaling Boon Romey Jaling
Sushi Ninjas Tier 13 10 Yes Standby 8pm to 11pm server Topic or PM Syreyne Kutasez Syreyne Kaylamae Kutasez
Team Voldemort Tier 12 10 Yes Standby Ranged DPS Verendus 11PM-2AM 11PM-2AM Topic or PM Mechete Mechete
Thud and Blunder Tier 14 10 Yes DPS 8:30p-11:30p Forum Sugarbelly
To The Pain Tier 13 10 No Gravitas 9:00-11:30pm 9:00-11:00pm 7:30-11:30pm Topic or PM Sunbendyr Prodigalsun
The League Tier 12 10 Yes Fortuna 7:45-11:00pm 7:45-11:00pm Topic or PM Winterskyy Winterskyy
Viable Alternative Tier 14 10 No Standby Fortuna 10PM-12:30AM 10PM-12:30AM Topic or PM Mystwrath Mystwrath
Weekend Warriors Tier 13 10 Yes Healers & Standby N/A 10am-1pm 10am-1pm Topic or PM Warruzz Warruzz
Wildly Inappropriate Tier 14 10 No N/A Fidelis 8-11pm 8-11pm Topic or PM Aydn Cabalzors Velmathris Aydn Cabalzors Velmathris
It Takes A Pillage Tier 14 10 No Pondera 7:30p-11p 7:30p-11p Topic Krakskul OR Tums
Raid Team Name Content Size Recruiting Recruitment
Co-Guild Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Forum Contact Game Contact