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What does it do?

This add-on replicates guild chat and achievement spam between multiple guilds.

The add-on's functionality is very close to LemonKing's Cross Guild Chat, but the management interface (or lack of one in GreenWall's case) is very different.

Do I need to run it?

No, you don't. But guild chat will be very, very frustrating for you if you don't since you will only see about 1% of the complete conversations.

How do I get it?

The latest version is available on our website or at Curse.

It is also mirrored in WoWMatrix, but we make no guarantees about how frequently WoWMatrix updates or the integrity of the files that it provides.

You can also check out the latest version from the guild Subversion repository, if you are technically inclined and foolhardy enough to run pre-release code.


  1. Exit "World of Warcraft" completely
  2. Download the mod you want to install
    • Make a folder on your desktop called "My Mods"
    • Save the .zip file to this folder.
    • If, when you try to download the file, it automatically "opens" it... you need to RIGHT click on the link and "save as..." or "Save Target As".
  3. Extract the file - commonly known as 'unzipping'
    • Windows
      • Windows XP has a built in ZIP extractor. Double click on the file to open it, inside should be the file or folders needed. Copy these outside to the "My Mods" folder.
      • WinZip: You MUST make sure the option to "Use Folder Names" is CHECKED or it will just extract the files and not make the proper folders how the Authors designed
    • Mac OS X
      • StuffitExpander: Double click the archive to extract it to a folder in the current directory.
  4. Verify your WoW Installation Path. That is where you are running WoW from and THAT is where you need to install your mods.
  5. Move to the Addon folder
    1. Open your World of Warcraft folder. (default is C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\)
    2. Go into the "Interface" folder.
    3. Go into the "AddOns" folder.
    4. In a new window, open the "My Mods" folder.
    5. The "My Mods" folder should have the "GreenWall" folder in it.
    6. Move the "GreenWall" folder into the "AddOns" folder
  6. Start World of Warcraft
  7. Make sure AddOns are installed
    1. Log in
    2. At the Character Select screen, look in lower left corner for the "addons" button.
      • If button is there: make sure all the mods you installed are listed and make sure "load out of date addons" is checked.
      • If the button is NOT there: means you did not install the addons properly.


All commands must be prefixed with "/greenwall" or "/gw".

As an example, the configuration option for co-guild tagging is "tag". To turn it on, you would enter one of the following commands. In the command descriptions, optional arguments are in square brackets and alternatives are separated by the pipe character.

/greenwall tag on
/gw tag on

To view the current configuration, you would enter one of the following.

/greenwall tag
/gw tag


You don't need to configure GreenWall at all to use it. Most of the configuration is done by the guild officers, it's a big mess of gibberish in the guild information tab in game. But you can change certian aspects of its behavior to suit your tastes.

Output Options

tag [ on | off ]
Show co-guild identifier in messages.
Default: on
achievements [ on | off ]
Show achievements from other co-guilds.
Default: on
roster [ on | off ]
Show guild join and leave messages from other co-guilds.
Default: on
rank [ on | off ]
Show promotion and demotion messages from other co-guilds.
Default: off

Officer Options

ochat [ on | off ]
Show bridge officer chat between the co-guilds. This only works for members who have privileges to view officer notes.
Default: off

Debugging Options

debug level
Enable debugging at the specified level. The level argument is an integer from 0 to 5. Setting the level to 0 disables debugging.
Default: 0
log [ on | off ]
Capture debugging output in the SavedVariables file.
This file is a per-character file located at C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\USERNAME\Realm\Character\SavedVariables\GreenWall.lua on most Windows systems.
Default: off
logsize length
Keep length number log entries in the SavedVariables file.
Default: 2048
verbose [ on | off ]
Display the debugging output in your chat window. Only do this if you are masochistic.
Default: off


Print a summary of available commands.
Prints a summary of the connection statistics for the common communication channel(s).
Prints a summary of the GreenWall communication parameters and state variables.
Issues a request to all members of the confederated guilds to reload the configuration.
Checks and corrects the communications status for the common channel(s).
Print the installed version of GreenWall.