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Mentus Lightblood

Hello, my name is Jimmy. I am the mind and soul of Mentus "The Threatmaker" Lightblood.

I used to be a big fan of Infendo Radio, so much that I decided to have a listen to a few episodes of "The Instance". After I had tuned in, in March of 2008, I was in a GameStop and noticed a World of Warcraft Trial disk up on their counter and decided to give it a shot.

I joined the game around 2.3.2. Not realizing there was a guild associated with the podcast, I chose to roll a Tauren Protection Warrior on the Blackwater Raiders server and named him ManTipper. It wasn't long after, that I realized that I wanted to be a part of AIE. I paid for a server transfer (yes, I know that level 24 isn't all that high) and joined Alea Iacta Est on the Earthen Ring server.

I had lots of fun with AIE, so I chose to roll another toon into the guild. My second toon was Damana, Orc Spidermastery Huntress. The wife kept asking me, "You're making another one? Aren't you going to play ManTipper anymore?" So I decided to only play Damana on weekends and play ManTipper on weekdays. So much for that idea, after 2 weeks of that, ManTipper was only 27 and Damana was 18. That's when I fully realized that I was really enjoying my Huntress; ManTipper never got to level 28.

For all of my fun with AIE and WoW, I still felt like something was missing. I would beg my wife on a daily basis to join WoW and AIE with me. "Honey, we can get free WoW time. We'll both get in-game benefits. We get to level at an advanced rate. I even get an exclusive mount!" It was all for naught. Nothing would work on her. She was content to sit in her chair, crocheting, chatting and posting on Facebook and doing her little jigsaw flash games.

Then a miracle occurred! One day while I was playing, she was having a rough time with her old laptop. She complained that it was old and slow. It was pretty old. So, a week later, I made a deal with her; I bought her a new laptop for Christmas, but she has to play WoW with me, at least through the free period and til I got my zhevra. I bought a new HP at a retail store and started the referral process. It took her about a week to make good on her end of the bargain, but she did sign up.

On December 28, 2008, I rolled a Blood Elf Paladin named Mentus and she rolled a Troll Shamaness named Beazelle. We decided, right off the bat, that since we were playing on an RP realm, that Beazelle and Mentus should be husband and wife. We'd make jokes about the female Troll's mating habits (mentioned in her /silly) and how it made Mentus very tough, so I decided to go Protection. It only took 2 weeks before my wife admitted that she was thoroughly hooked on WoW. Game On!!

1-60 were incredibly fast, we were there in about 2 months. We didn't play religiously, really because I was only allowed to play while she did, but it was still fast. Another month or two and we were 80.

About 3 weeks later, one of our friends, Kaladuti referred us to the raiding group "I'm Not Dead Yet". I started as an off-tank, but progressed quite quickly. I accredit my success to my Belkin n52 Nostromo, that thing is a beast! Really, you should check it out!

I hope you enjoyed my story. I've had a lot of fun with WoW, with AIE and with INDY. This is a great place to be! Thanks for reading.