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The Silversea and Warak Show

This podcast segment has run every episode of the AIE Podcast from Episode 5 through Episode 22. The segment was originally called Instancing Tips with Warak and Silversea, but after six segments, it evolved into the Silversea and Warak Show. The show discusses current goings on in the guild and has featured interviews with such guildies as Dills, Old Man Franks, Lanctharus, Stigg, and Maui. This segment is suspended as of Episode 22 due to "wanting to take a podcast break."

The Hosts

SS W.jpg

Silversea and Warak joined AIE together in the summer of 2008 and remain active members of AIE. They originally became involved with the AIE podcast to make new friends and the segment blossomed into something more than each of them expected.


Silversea is a level 80 Beast Master Blood Elf Hunter. Known for such talents such as receiving and sending multiple tells during a raid boss fight, Silversea is a capable huntress. As described in the show, she has an unhealthy obsession with achievements at times and has even taken up congratulating as many guildies as she can for almost any achievement. An altoholic, she can be seen on many alts such as Sweetcheeks and Doombanker.


Warak is a level 80 Restoration Orc Shaman. Best known for his epic totem pulls in game, Warak also takes a turn as a regular host of the AIE Podcast. Warak is for the most part anti-achievement and anti-alts so this makes for some good discussion with his co-host. Warak has one alt, Bax.


Vhaine gets no respect. As a level 80 Retribution Blood Elf Paladin, Vhaine is a sick dpser and can also tank well when called upon. Vhaine has now co-hosted several segments over the life of the segment.

Show Topics

AIE Podcast Episode Title Description
5 Tanking, DPS and Healing roles Note: This should never be listened to again due to horrible quality.
6 Looting Rules Silversea and Warak tell their best loot stories.
7 Favorite/Least favorite dungeons Silversea and Warak talk about their favorite and least favorite instances.
8 Classes discussion: Warrior, Mage, Priest Hosts poorly cover the basic abilities of three classes.
9 Classes discussion: Rogue, Hunter, Shaman Hosts poorly cover the basic abilities of three classes.
10 Classes discussion: Warlock, Druid, Paladin Vhaine co hosts. Hosts poorly cover the basic abilities of three classes.
11 Meet Silversea and Warak Format change to the Silversea and Warak Show as we know it. Silversea and Warak talk about their gaming history and expectations for Wrath.
12 3.0 Patch and Achievements! Discussion revolves around the new patch and the Hallows End world event. Silversea reveals her obsessive love of achievements.
13 Meet Dills Vhaine co-hosts and Dills guest hosts. Discussion covers Dills' history of loving, Doomsaurus, the Scourge invasion, and the Resurrection guild event.
14 Into Northrend Vhaine co-hosts. Talk covers how Silversea and Vhaine bought the expansion, dinging the big seven-oh, auction house tips from Vhaine, and the AIE taking of Northrend event.
15 He's Neither Old Nor is He a Franks Vhaine co-hosts. Old Man Franks guest hosts. OMF reveals the origin of his name. Dills' Love PaRaid, queues, and initial impressions of Northrend are discussed.
16 Our Fearless Leader Vhaine co-hosts. Maui guest hosts. Randy Jordan talks about AIE and Earthen Ring, his love of afros, and the origins of his forum name, RandyDeluxe.
17 The Gamer Closet Dills guest hosts. Dills and Warak talk about coming out of the WoW closet, mounts and Alliance raids.
18 Alea Iacta Pests Stigg and Lanctharus guest host. Everyone hates AIE! Stigg and Lanc answer some of the questions revolving around the recent anti-AIE sentiment.
19 Don't Be Late For the Ball Silversea and Warak talk about leveling alts and cover the House Emberfall guild Ball. Warak calls Shojobeat a man.
20 State of the Guild Address Maui guest hosts. Maui talks more about the state of AIE, his buddy Homeschool Human, and even talks a little fishing with Warak. Warak apologizes for calling Shojobeat a man.
21 Whatcha Up To? Silversea and Warak talk about their recent activity in game. Silversea reveals that she gives all guild members a personal gratz for an achievement.
22 Hot Chicks on the Internet? Silversea and Warak discuss the WN Wants to Know thread and what some of the podcasters look like. Silversea talks more abut her achievement gratz thing.