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| gender= Male
| gender= Male
| class= Hunter
| class= Hunter
| profs= Engineering, Mining, First-Aid, Cooking, Fishing, Archaeology
| profs= Engineering Mining First-Aid Cooking Fishing Archaeology
| assoc= Horde, Neutral, [[Raiders of the Lost Orc]] (disbanded), [[Viable Alternative]]
| assoc= Horde Neutral [[Raiders of the Lost Orc]] (disbanded) [[Viable Alternative]]
| age= 24
| age= 24
| height= 5'8"
| height= 5'8"

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Hunter crest.jpg
Takemikazuch of Sen'jin
Champion of the Darkspears
Game Name


Race Troll
Gender Male
Class Hunter
Professions Engineering Mining First-Aid Cooking Fishing Archaeology
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Horde Neutral Raiders of the Lost Orc (disbanded) Viable Alternative


Game name: (Takemikazuch) Tah-kay-mee-kah-zooch

Original name: (Takemikazuchi) Tah-kay-mee-kah-zoo-chi

Nickname: Larry (Thanks, Koltrane :p )

Origin of the name

Adaptation of the name of the legendary Japanese deity Takemikazuchi no Kami: heavenly warrior and God of Thunder. The name is also used in the Japanese Anime Mobile Suit: Gundam Seed DESTINY to refer to the Takemikazuchi-class trimaran aircraft carrier of the Orb Union.

Funny Variations Of The Name

- Takemikazuchini; courtesy of Mkallah and Acuzod

- Takemiouttolunch, Takemiouttotheballgame; courtesy of Acuzod

- Takemikoozak; courtesy of Koltrane

Character History

Takemikazuch the troll hunter, Champion of the Horde and Hero of the Darkspears is renowned across Azeroth for his unique hunter skills and abilities as a beast master and survivalist, he is a force to be reckoned with. Because of these unique skills, he was chosen at a young age (younger than most skilled hunters twice his age) by Vol'jin himself to be a part of Vol'jin's Fury, a troll special ops division tasked with protecting the interests of the Darkspears, the Horde and their allies.

He participated in many special operations, which include the invasion of the Burning Legion, the fall of the evil Lich King in Northrend, and the defense of Orgrimmar during the Elemental Invasion. Now he seeks to protect the Darkspears and their allies against the evil forces of the Twilight Hammer and the Zandalari Trolls.

And unlike most trolls, he does not eat gnomes! When asked why, he simply responds "Dem gnomes, mon, dey got too many calories".

Past Servers and Guilds

Skywall US: The Scarlet Inquisition, The Fallen, Seven Drunken Knights, Phoenix Horizon

Mal'Ganis US: Veracity, Eternal Corruption

Roles In The Game

Raiding: Beast Mastery Main Spec, Survivalist Off-Spec

Notable Career Achievements

- Tamed all spirit beasts in the game

- Lead the Eternal Corruption raid team (Mal'Ganis US) to two solid Lich King kills

- 48 Exalted Reputations

- Loremaster of World of Warcraft

The Player

The player behind the controls of this elite hunter is a 24 year old electronics technician, volunteer firefighter and avid community volunteer. He enjoys helping new players learn the ropes and is not afraid to speak his mind.

Epic Achievements!

This character is also the host of the podcast segment Epic Achievements!, featured on the AIE Podcast and Convert To Raid.


Tsuyoshi - Level 64 Pandaren Monk

Garaktou - Level 85 Tauren Death Knight

Doruidoso - Level 33 Tauren Druid

Koreijutsu - Level 22 Orc Warlock

Interwebz Links

Epic Achievements
Takemikazuch's Twitter