Spring 2012 Craft Fair

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Spring Craft Fair 2012

Mark your calendars!


  • Saturday, April 21st from 4pm to 7pm server time. Silvermoon City
  • Guild wide Party to follow from 7pm to 8pm server time. Gallywix Pleasure Palace
  • Sunday, April 22nd from 2pm to 5pm server time. Silvermoon City

Keep in mind only guildies (aka AIE guild tag) can level at the Craft Fair.

Requirements to volunteer:

  • Authenticator (yep that's it)
  • It would also help to have bags and bank space to store the mats. A lot of the captains have given up toons (and gold) to store the donated mats.

We will also have guaranteed time for the captains and helpers to get their (or their alts') professions leveled up as well.

We are also having a RAFFLE!! More details to follow!!!

The list below are the people volunteering their time to help with the Craft Fair. Each profession has a Captain with a bank alt in (*name*) to send mats to, along with a list of helpers. Clicking on the name of the profession will take you to their specific forum topic listed in the Professions tab of the forums. They will have specific information to their profession listed there.

Map of Silvermoon City

Please send all Elemental mats (fire, water, earth, air, shadow, life, etc) - Seriewa

Mining- Brithael (Moravik), Zaidion

Herbalism- Cholae (Altimius)

Leatherworking & Skinning- Beytuharen and Tynchal (Beytuharen, Dyved, Geillis), Cyecho

Alchemy- Piranai, Rowlock, Qootah

Inscription- Razor (Graceylou), Aerwen

Enchanting- Nagratz (Kiddy), Liranei, Noseeum

Tailoring- Polazkal (Naris)

Blacksmithing- Vampp (Vampp), Elcarth

Engineering- Lasciele(??) and Solarflair (Khufoo)

Jewelcrafting- Mkallah & Tets (Mkbank or Banktet)

First Aid- Kutasez (Wylynne), Arrgbuckle

Cooking- Bragi (Ebonbanker)

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT There will be NO Cooking available during this Craft Fair. Our most esteemed Bragi is moving!! So, to give him plenty of time to handle what he needs to do IRL (and we didn't want to empty 4 guild banks of mats :D), we are going to save Cooking for a later date. Trust us, we have something really exciting planned for it, but we're saving the details to create suspense.