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Raajin the Redeemed
Game Name


Race Troll
Gender Male
Class Priest
Professions Tailoring Enchanting
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations TBD

Raajin is a Darkspear Troll Priest, and Cohort of Alea Iacta Est


(Coming soon...)


Raajin was born in the Echo Isles, in what is now known as Durotar, a child of the Darkspear tribe of Trolls. As a child, Raajin was born into already difficult circumstances. Warring troll tribes, frequent displacement, hunted for sport by humans, and the harshness of the Tribe's living conditions made childhood rough. Like most Darkspear adolescents, Raajin fell into early cynicism and violence. Along with other boys of his tribe, Raajin would often engage in hostile actions against other non-Darkspears including hunting animals, raiding camps, and murdering non-trolls.

During his later adolescent years, Raajin and some friends of his raided a nearby human settlement. Their infiltration of the camp, although not unnoticed, was unusually easy. Many of the humans who saw them, simply screamed and ran, without drawing a weapon or standing their ground. The trolls quickly stopped these fleeing humans and saw to slow painful, almost torturous deaths. The group had wound their way through camp, destroying tents and killing inhabitants until they came to a large stone building.

Quickly, the group made their way inside the building to find human men, not in armor, but in simple robes. Although the group took pause for a moment in an attempt to comprehend this unexpected turn of events, they quickly began rounding up and killing each of them for sport. The largest among them shouted to them in common, but they neither understood nor cared about his words. Raajin knocked him to the ground, and began savagely beating him against the stone floor. Bloodied and beaten, the man muttered something in common. Before gasping his last breath, a strange light shot from his finger, tossing Raajin back to the ground about a foot away.

Raajin's companions, hearing the loud crack of the strange light, turned and ran, afraid that some powerful mage had entered the fray. Raajin came to conciousness a few hours later, but realized something had changed... the book that lay on the floor next to him... made sense. The words, in common, made as much sense as any Orc or Troll word ever did. Raajin also noticed a dark feeling on his heart... a pain so intense, that words failed him.

For weeks, Raajin sat amongst the now ruined Monastery reading the human books on the Light, faith, and the destiny of sentient races. Through these books, he found a word to describe his pain... guilt. For the first time in his life, Raajin felt remorse for the things he'd done throughout his childhood. It was from that moment that Raajin pledged himself as a child of the Light, striving to do good deeds to help balance the scales against years of misdeeds.

Raajin now wanders the land looking for souls to help, in order to save his own. Although he is naturally inclined to the arts of the Shadow, he fights his nature and strives to be a child of the Holy Light, even rejecting the Loa beliefs of his people. Raajin is usually light-hearted, always seeking a joke, even in the most dire situation. In his belief, laughter keeps a soul from crying, and that, "...t'at be okay wit' Raajin".

Rededication to Discipline and the Holy Light

Somewhere along the way in Outlands, Raajin fell into a deep darkness. Months of fighting the undead of the Plaguelands, the Silithid of Silithus, and the tainted Furbolg of Felwood had turned him into a dark shadow of swift vengeance and justice. Without a thought, and without form, he descended into the role of Judge, Jury, and Executioner with little thought to the ramifications of his decisions. It was only after weeks of terrible nightmares and fighting other dark and descended souls, that Raajin was shaken into self-analyzation and meditation.

Within his meditation, he made himself a simple promise: rededicate himself to his true purpose, and give himself over freely to the light. For many days, in the temples of the Aldor Rise in Shattrath city, Raajin meditated and prayed for both forgiveness and help. He emerged from his days of seclusion broken, no longer remembering how to use the shadow that had enveloped him for so long. In its place, he found a new power... the power of the Light.

Connections with Other Characters

  • Denalian - Through written communication, Denalian and Raajin have spoken over a wealth of topics, including personal responsibility, redemption, purpose, destiny, and the difficulties of doing the right thing versus doing the easy thing. In a roundabout way, although they come from different cultures and circumstances, the are kindred spirits.
  • Dushota - Raajin has met and talked to Dushota at length. Usually the conversations are one-sided, with Raajin doing most of the talking, and Dushota inserting the odd point and otherwise thinking carefully. Raajin has said on some occasions that Dushota seems like the kind of person he should help, but he's not really sure. how, so for now, he just talks.

Character Quirks and Trivia

  • Raajin often speaks of himself in the third person.
  • Raajin often makes corny jokes, especially after healing or reviving a person, or when nothing is going on.
  • Raajin has been known to keep human books on his person and read them during times of inaction, such as Zepplin rides.