Over the Hill Gang

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Welcome to Over the Hill Gang
A raid group made up of old foggies. Watch out, their hard candies all stick together and they tend to leave their teeth in glasses! BUNCO

The Gang

Raiders Emeritus & Cronies


We run Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights, 9 p.m. to 12 p.m. server time depending on team availability. This means be at the stone or ready for summoning at 9 p.m.


We are a core group that may occasionally invite people to run with us, based on the needs of our group and our preferences. Our core team members are guaranteed spots in our runs. Our cronies as listed above are given preference to fill in spots.

Raid Rules

In general, we follow the AIE Rules of Conduct, adult chat tolerated as members are all over 18, physically, the mental part is still in question.

Loot Rules

With the new DE button and 2 hour trade option, our loot rules have changed and gotten a lot shorter:

  • Need if it is an upgrade(on-spec takes precedence), greed/DE otherwise.
  • The priority goes: main spec, off-spec, alt.

If it somehow comes to a /roll:

  • If someone rolls a 1 this is the BEST roll of the game, it even beats the all mighty 100!
  • There will be a random number picked at the beginning of each run and that will be the magic number.
  • Magic things happen with the magic number!


GypsyGirl Jenkins provides a fine selection of tunes in Ventrilo.

Remember When?

  • There were many crazy drunken women at Gris's house upstairs playing Bunco, yet he was downstairs raiding with OtHG?
  • Xanar had to completely strip right in front of the Maiden of Kara?
  • It took a whole night getting to Attumen?