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A rumbling stirs in the ashes.....

We're back baby!

Having disbanded at the start of Firelands, NitF! is back in WoW, ready to take on anything the Iron Horde of Draenor can throw at us.

Who is NitF?

NitF! is a 10-man WoW raiding group in AIE. We strive for a low stress, drama-free raiding experience. The group was formed in January 2009 to tackle the available raids in Northrend. Our team was formed from the NitF! heroic 5-man group along with some old and new friends (long live "Sweep the Leg"). While we used to be the top AIE progression team, we have turned things down a notch, to a more relaxed pace. We still strive to be on the cutting edge of raid progression without the time commitment of hard-core raiding guilds.

During the initial push into Northrend by the combined forces of Azeroth; we successfully brought Kel'Thuzad to his knees, destroyed all the black dragonflight eggs, and saved magic from the corrupt betrayer, Malygos.

Next, we stormed Ulduar, freed the ancient keepers, and successfully (temporarily?) rid Azeroth of the insane God of Death, Yogg Saron. During this time, we also helped save some very awesome looking rust-colored proto-drakes, who became our stalwart mount companions [An AIE first, raid mount reward].

Then, with most of Northrend secure; we gathered at the newly constructed Argent Tourney grounds. Here we honed our skills in epic combat, and got ready for the final push into Icecrown Citadeal. We bested all comers, even a resurrected cock-roach the Lich King hoped to defeat us with [we went a little mad, and completed a Perfect Heroic Raid clear, rescuing a frightened Worg Mount that fell in love with Gradja].

After successful training, we cleared Icecrown Citadel, and took down the vile Lich King Arthas (with a HUGE amount of help from Tirion); and came away with some new friends, fond memories, and a mighty Frostwym drake.

Having returned home victorious, we found our world had been shattered by the dreaded Deathwing. Our new focus was be riding the world of the new elemental threats, bringing down the Twilight Hammer, and putting an end to the fallen Aspect of Earth.

We eventually Squashed the Twilight's Hammer, killed Nefarion (again?), and sent the Air Elemental Lord, Al'akir packing. These tough battles proved too much for most of our old warriors. We took a break, made new friends, and once again looked to the protecting the future of Azeroth. Soon a new enemy invaded our peaceful world....

We now find ourselves in an epic battle with the Fire Lord Ragnaros (again?), and his very RED forces. We will take the battle to his realm, and destroy him for good!

View our forum thread at: AIE official forums

Keep up with up-to-date raid group info. on twitter by following us @nitf_raid

Email questions to: Galadeon at:

When, What, Where?

Warlords of Dreanor

(All times are Server - Eastern US)

Tuesday 7:45pm - 10:30pm

Thursday 7:45pm - 10:30pm



Wednesday/Monday/Friday/ 7:05pm - 12:00am (leveling, farming, etc.)

Notes, rules, and other info

  1. Have fun.
  2. Please load Bigwigs or Deadly Boss Mod
  3. Please be in mumble, at least to hear the raid leaders
  4. Please try to be logged on 15 min. prior for summons and invites
  5. Please remember to bring buff food, scrolls/pots, and be repaired.


(10-22-2011) Double First Kill Night! Balerac 1-shot, and Majordomo Staghelm kill. Six down and 1 to go! Ragnaros, we come for you! Balerac-10m.png


(10-18-2011) The mighty Firehawk Alysrazor has fallen! Four down, 3 to go. Alysrazor-10m.png

(09-20-2011) Lord Rhyolith falls! Three down, 4 to go. Rhyolith-10man.png

(08-23-2011) Beth'tilac goes down. Her and her spiderlings. Two down, 5 to go. Beth-10man.png

(07-26-2011) Shannox finally falls. Great 2-shot. Up next, one ugly female spider. Shannox-10mn.png

(07-12-2011) Occu'thar down. Shannox was close. Got him down to ~14%. Should have him on Friday.


(05-03-2011) Al'Akir has fallen, and we have successfully defended our shattered world! Dark Phoenix mounts for Verendus!




(04-19-2011) After a 6 week break ;) we get Nefarian down! Way to go everyone. Hard fight is hard. Next up is Al'Akir.


(03-01-2011) Cho'gall finally falls to AIE, and the Bastion of Twilight has been cleared of the dreaded Cult. Nice night everyone! Nefarion is next on the checklist.


(02-13-2011) Nice short night. Got the Ascendant council down on the 7th attempt! Not too bad of a fight once you get the dance down. Controlled Chaos. Next week Cho'gall will fall!


(02-11-2011) Finally got that 3 headed monster Chimaeron down. Nice effort by everyone. Healers did a really good job. Only 3 people died, so we are not far off on the achievement.


(01-30-2011) Atramedes has been brought down. He fell in only 14 attempts! 7/12 bosses down. Thanks to Varens for filling in last minute. Atramedes-10m.png

(01-28-2011) Finally got Maloriak down. Sandhe (Klimmt) came along with some nice druid heals and battle rezz'es. Next up, the blind dragon Atramedes. Maloriak-10m.png

(01-16-2011) Took down the 2 pink dragons tonight, but we forgot our screenshot. Nice 8 man kill, lol.


(01-12-2011) Conclave of Air defeated! Let's shot for Magmaw, Omnotron, Halfus on Friday. Conclave-10m.png

(01-09-2011) Omnotron Defense System is down! Great night tonight with Magmaw falling again, this time with his Meta achievement, Parasite Evening. ODS-10m.png

(01-07-2011) Halfus fell after only 6 attempts. Nice effort by everyone. Lightwell FTW! Halfus-10m.png

(12-30-2010) Magmaw down! Guild First kill, and guild first Cata. raid boss kill! Also got O.D.S. down to 37%. We are close on those guys. Magmaw-10m.png

(12-17-2010) Went to Baradin hold and 1-shot Pit Lord Argaloth! Then we went and took a few shots at the Omicron Defense System. They beat us up, but we started learning the mechanics pretty well. Argaloth-10m.png

(12-14-2010) The Cataclysm has arrived! Currently we are gearing up in heroics and look forward to raiding in the next couple weeks.

(09-25-2010) Woo-hoo, drakes acquired for 8 of us. Now just to get the rest of you guys all finished up. Also, Starcaller for Dahkar, Shinez, and Ice! 10man-ICC-drakes.jpg

(09-18-2010) Heroic Sindy. has fallen. Just the LK meta achievement to go for the drake!

(08-27-2010) Heroic Prof. and Heroic Dreamwalker complete! Just Heroic Sindy. and LK meta left to go.

(08-06-2010) All you can Eat achievement down!

(07-30-2010) Full house achievement complete!

(05-07-2010) Heroic Rotface & Festergut down! Professor Meta-achievement done!

(04-30-2010) Heroic Saurfang 1-shot! Heroic Blood Queen down.

(04-23-2010) Heroic modes begin! Heroic - Marrowgar, Deatherwhisper, Gunship down!

(04-16-2010) Lich King falls!




New lich king.jpg

(03-05-2010) Sindragosa down! We failed at pic, can get one next time. Lich King fight is hard. Will take some time to get it down. Some random pics:






(02-05-2010) Our super awesome healers saved the mighty Varithria Dreamwalker tonight. Way to heal your asses off guys! Dreamwalker-10man.jpg

Oh, and Toravon the Loot watcher also got 1-shot.

(01-29-2010) Blood Princes down for the count.


Then the blood Queen fell shortly after. Vampire Power!


Then we got Gradja, Ice, and Dahkar their Plaugeworks Achievement. nice night everyone. All content cleared in 4 hours (with progression).

(01-22-2010) Guild first Professor kill! Crazy fight in phase 3, lol. Crimson Halls next week!


(01-09-2010) Rotface 1-shot with hunter ooze tank. Nice work everyone. Professor is crazy, lol.

(01-08-2010) Gunship meta down! Nice 1-shot of Festergut guys, but forgot Screenshot :( . Rotface is a punk. We will get him.

(12-26-2009) WOOT, we got Boned, lol. nice job everyone.

(12-13-2009) Algalon finally falls, lol. Way to go everyone. Thanks for filling in Caoboi! Algalon-10m.jpg

(12/11/09) Nice night. Cleared all 4 bosses in around 3.5 hours. Pretty easy going in there. Sucks about the gunship bugging out after we won.

Lord Marrowgar Marrow-10m.jpg

Lady Deathwhisper




(12/04/09) Woot, we are insane! Tribute to Insanity achievement. Nice teamwork everyone.

(11/21/09) Nice job guys. 49 attempts, stupid twins wipe messed us up. Heroic-anub-10m-45.jpg

(11/13/09) ugh Anub down with 44 attempts left. 1 short of the next achievement. We will get it!

(10/30/09) Heroic Anub down! Great job guys. 35 attempts left. It all fell into place after we tried Luch's strat, lol. Heroic-anub-10m.jpg

(10/06/09) Rusted Proto-drake night! We finally got it!!!! Yogg+1 down for the count. Epic 40 achievement guild chat spam.


Yogg+1 10m.jpg

Algalon look out, we come for you next week!

(09/29/09) Nice ToGC progression night! Jara., Champs, and Twins down. Anub. looks pretty tough but we can get him. 42 attempts left. Let's get that Tribute Chest!

(09/26/09) Firefighter has been conquered!

(09/22/2009) Onynxia down! Way, way too easy. 3 easy achievements though. Onyn-10m.jpg

(09/11/09) Heroic Beasts have been conquered!

(09/01/09) After some extended server maintenance and a small delay, we 1-shot Anub! Grats guys. Anub-reg-10man.jpg

Then we 1-shot the new VoA baddy Koralon. Too easy.

The heroic ToC is a whole different ballgame. It will take some wipes to learn the hard-mode encounters, lol.

(08/26/09) New movie tab has been added to the site. In the future look for our boss kill and hardmode strat videos to be popping up there. First strat video was done by our uber hunter, Friscos. {{#ev:youtube|17I9Qa_khrU}}

ugh, Youtube audio policy's make me angry.

(08/25/09) Twin Valkyrs down! Fun fight, but too easy. Twins-10man.jpg

Also 2-shot Orbit-uary for some people that missed it the first time. Sigh, no Aseir's Edge for 10 weeks now.

(08/22/09 I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning down!!! 2 metas to go.

(08/18/09) Faction champs down. Fun encounter but very different from anything else. No screen shot as the mods despawn after you kill them.

(08/17/09) Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood! Nice job guys! Sorry Frankie :)


(08/11/09) Lord Jaraxxus 1-shot! This fight was way too easy. Jara-10man.jpg

1-shot mimirion with no deaths for Bonsai. Freya hardmode whipped our butts though.

(08/08/09) Nice job guys; getting I Choose Steelbreaker in only 3 trys! 4 metas to go!!!! Steelbreaker-10man.jpg

(08/04/09) Northrend Beasts Down! Loot: Acidmaw Treads & Pauldrons of the Spirit Walker

What an awesome way to start off the new raiding tier. Sorry guys, I forgot to grab a screen shot. I will get one next week when we take them down again. Also, grats to everyone for the fun Razorscale meta-achievement Iron Drawf, Medium Rare. Five meta's to go!

(08/02/09) 1-shot general with no deaths! Only Yogg to go for the Champion of Ulduar title.

(07/29/09) Woot! Lose your Illusion! Six meta's to go. Thanks for filling in Ivii.

(07/15/09) Orbit-uary down! Also got Nine Lives, and With Open Arms! Nice night everyone. Seven meta's to go.

(07/12/09) Yoggy down!!!!!!! Guild first!!!!! Grats to everyone on the kill; and for getting The Descent into Madness, The Secrets of Ulduar, and Drive me Crazy.

Friscos did a Yogg kill video. It can be found here: filefront


Only four 1-shot boss kills to go for the Champion of Ulduar achievement and sweet title.

Eight meta-achievements left for the drake.

(06/26/09) Another night, another meta-achievement down. Congrats to everyone on I Could Say that This Cache Was Rare. Hodir hard-10man.jpg

(06/23/09) Nice night. We got some people caught up on Meta-achievements, then got I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim, and Nuked From Orbit. Runmaster-10man.jpg

(06/16/09) WOOT! Heartbreaker

(06/15/09) Yogg is hard, lol. We will get him, it will just take lots of practice like Mimiron. Congrats to those that got the 2 achievments: Kiss and Make Up and In His house He Waits Dreaming

(06/12/09) General Vezax down!!! It only took us one week of serious attempts. Great night everyone!!!!!! Vezax-10man.jpg

(06/09/09) Another easy first night in Ulduar. Grats to everyone who got regular achievements and the Kologarn meta-achievement Disarmed!

(06/05/09) We finally did it! Mimirion down for the count!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mimiron10-man.jpg

(05/29/09) Wonderful night everyone! We got our second Meta-achievement, Stokin' the Furace. A big Ty for Shinez, Mooigi, and Mejas for coming along.

(05/19/09) Great Job guys! We got our first Meta Achievement for the Ulduar Drake Crazy Cat Lady! Also, picking up Orbital Devastation was fun as hell.

(05/08/09) The awesomeness continues; Freya down! 3 Keepers down, 1 to go. Great work 1 shoting Ignis and Razorscale, they nerfed those two good since the first week. Feya-10man.jpg

(05/05/09) Thorim down! Grats everyone. 2 keepers down, 2 to go for the achievement. Also grats to everyone who got the following achievements: Nerf Engineering, Nerf Gravity Bombs, I'll Take You All On, and Orbital Bombardment. Thorim-10man.jpg

(05/02/09) Hodir down! Now to just burn him in under 3 minutes, lol. Hodir-10man.jpg

(05/01/09) Iron Council down! Grats to everyone who got The Antechamber of Ulduar, But I'm on Your Side, and I Choose You, Stormcaller Brundir achievements. Iron Council-10man.jpg

(04/29/09) Franky's internet has gone by-by until Next Wednesday. "Mooigi" will be filling in for him until he gets back.

Bank name has been reported, and we have been forced to change it. The new bank name winner is .......... "Cliff Jumpers".

Auriaya Down! (04-27-09) Good job everyone. Auriaya-10man.jpg

04-25-2009 We finally got Kologarn down! Grats to both our tanks who walked away with some nice loot. Kologarn-10man.jpg

GRATS to everyone who got The Siege of Ulduar achievement! (04-20-2009) Only the 6th 10-man group on Earthen Ring to get it.

We got Razorscale and XT-002 down tonight 04/17/09! Grats and TY to everyone who helped us out. XT-10man.jpg


NitF! takes down the Flame Levithion! Grats to Ral who got the Take out Those Turrents achievement. Congrats also to Thrakan and Galadeon for surviving the liquid hot magama to get the Hot Pocket achievement. Flame-10man.jpg

Grats to everyone who was with us for the KT "Big Babies" achievement (Just Can't Get Enough) on 03/27/09!

Bank Info: We have started a guild called "In the Bum". It has 1 bank tab. Please contact Thrakan if you need to add a toon to the bank guild.