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About Nodhmo the Orphan
Name: Nodhmo the Ophan of Red Rock
Guild: Alea Iacta Est
Raid Grp: Night_Moves
Race: Tauren
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Profs: Mining, Blacksmithing
Likes: Hacking and slashing mobs, Punting Gnomes,
Dislikes: Gnomes


Nodhmo is a large and strong Tauren warrior as most are. He is 8' 10" tall with broad shoulders and large feet.



Nodhmo was found cowering in the hills close to Red Rock. He knows nothing of a home villiage or how he ended up out there. Being taken in by the others of his race in Mulgore it was speculated that his family had bee ntraders that where ambushed by Centaurs. Though no one really knows for sure. Since nothing is known of a bloodline he was trained as a warrior which he excelled at.
Once he reached the age of 16 he was sent to Thunder Bluff to continue his warrior training so that he would be able to fight alongside fellow Taurens and Horde in general against the evil that is The Alliance. It was in his first battle against the alliance around The Crossroads he encountered his first Gnome. Thinking that they must be an abomination against nature he finds great pleasure in punting them.
He has served the Horde well in his days and always looks to defend any city that the Alliance scum are attacking.
Since his earliest days all he hopes to do is prove himself as a Tauren. Maybe some way the Earth Mother will enlighten him on his bloodline.


Currently Nodhmo can be found helping others run through different instances. He will drop everything to help a fellow guildmate and has been known to pick up a shield if a agro monster is needed. He takes great pride in finishing a dungeon expecially if someone gets some gear upgrades.
He is gearing up for fights against the Lich King as well as when a gnome is in need of a good punt. He can often be found fishing to relax between battles. It helps to center him and to allow him time for wounds to heal.


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