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Phat Loots

Attention! This mod is broken in Cata. and support for it has stopped. Please stay tuned for the version of SK we will be using.

For ICC we will be using the Suicide Kings (SK) System we implemented in Naxx25. For VoA we will be using rolls offs for PvP gear, and SK for PvE gear.


Before we get started, everyone rolls 1-1000 and TEH LIST is set up with highest rollers on top, lowest on bottom.

We will do this twice. Once for on spec items, once for offspec items.

If an item drops that you would like to obtain, you will whisper bid for main and /roll 1 for off spec.

Loot master will then check TEH LIST and the bidder highest on said list receives the item. If no one on-spec bids, then the off-spec bidders will be considered.

The player that wins the item is then cycled down to the bottom of TEH LIST.

TEH LIST will not reset from week to week and will remain as such to ensure the maximum amount of fairness is in effect. If you miss a week, chances are you will be near the top of the list.

From Franky: "Thanks Thrakan great post. I just wanted to add if no one bids on bop items I am going to de them, boe's are going to serv for now until we figure out what we want to do with them. Just to recap more for myself then anything, we are going with 2 list main and off spec. Whisper bid for main and /roll 1 for off spec. Actually the /roll can be anything really it just lets me know you are interested in the item as off spec could really be /roll 10000000 hehe.

Again, for those that are interested in the mod you can sync your list with me at anytime. With 2 lists though I will leave the main spec list up for sync, if you want to sync the off spec plz let me know at a break and we can sort that out. I also believe there is a way to whisper me to find out your place on the list without the mod I will have to check the / commands though. Monday night I will post a new thread in the forums with the sk list and update it Monday after each weeks raid."

For an on-going discussion of this system, and some answers to FAQ about, please visit the Forum post:

Below is the link to the mod that Franky will be using to keep up with this. Everyone can install the mod and keep track of their position on TEH lists.