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== AIE Games ==
== AIE Games ==
<ncl  style=compact headstart=4 maxdepth=2 >Category:AIE Games</ncl>
<ncl  style=compact headstart=4 maxdepth=3 >Category:AIE Games</ncl>
== Commentary & Articles ==
== Commentary & Articles ==

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Welcome to the AIE Wiki
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This is the wiki for the World of Warcraft guild Alea Iacta Est on the Earthen Ring US realm. We are a diverse Horde guild with over 2500 people (with roughly double that many characters). We encourage our members to try different aspects of the game that they might not have tried before and provide an environment with little pressure or angst.

Well, more angst than Crucinogen normally provides, that is.

Guild Information

AIE Games

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