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Priest crest.jpg
Izabélla Lightcatcher
of the Ashen Verdict
Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Female
Class Priest
Professions Enchanting Tailoring
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Belore Sin'Selama

The Legend

Izabélla Lightcatcher has seen both the second and third wars. She was also involved in the Troll Wars with the Armani years ago. Her parents died thousands of years ago in Tirisifal, and she hardly even remembers who they were. At first, she was opposed to the High Elves joining with the Alliance to stop the Orcs, and it wasn't until she saw the Armani rushing Que' Thalas that she decided to fight against the Horde. She aided the Alliance with fervor when it came to dispatching the Armani. She has always relished defeating the Evil Troll Nations.

It was the 3rd war that defined Izabélla Lightcatcher. She saw Arthas place Kel 'Thuzad's remains in the Sunwell, and immediatly felt the loss in her powers. She traveled with Kael' Thas, and worked with the Naga to free her people from the evil rulers of the Alliance in Lorderan. Although the light never forsook her, she felt the loss of the arcane powers of the Sunwell, and vowed to find a replacement for her people. When the Blood Elves forged an alliance with the Forsaken, and ultimatly the Horde, how could she disagree? Many of the forsaken were here very kin, and wanted what she had sworn: Vengeance against the Scourge.

She journeyed to the Outlands, and this journey also proved to be a pivotal moment in her life. It was in Shattrath that she met Khadgar and the Naaru. She knew of her sister's manipulation of the Naaru, and initially discouraged her sisters abuse of Muru. However, she could not deny that using Naaru would provide much needed energies for her people, and she was staunchly opposed to Fel Energies in all of its forms. The Shattered Sun Offensive's reclamation of the Isle of Queldanis and ultimatly the events that unfolded around the Sunwell taught her more about her people and herself then she had ever learned during the troll wars, or the 2nd and 3rd wars. Empowered with a restored and purified source of Arcane, she joined the Forsaken in Northrend. It was in the borders of the former Troll Nation of Gun Durak that she met Etrigg, and the Argent Crusade. She found in the Crusade a place for the Light within her, and although she didn't join with the Crusade, she fought alongside them, and journeyed with them to Northrend. It was in Northrend were she joined the Ashen Verdict.

In the halls of Icecrown Citidal, she gained the vengeance against the Scourge she had been craving for almost a decade, but at a terrible price. While fighting back the armies of the scourge in the Citidal, she was forced in to combat with Lana'thel, a beloved friend who was now under the control of the Lich King. She left a part of herself in that chamber when the Blood Queen fell, and she would never be the same afterwards.

She helped the Verdict defeat Arthas, and felt no bitterness that another was to take up the crown of the Lich King. She returned to Silvermoon, and has battled very dark thoughts over the last 2 years. The destruction that Deathwing had brought upon the world mirrored the chaos that has consumed her soul for the last 2 years.

A New Voyage

It was in this darkest moment of despair and pain that she heard the Naaru. A vision came to her of the Lifebinder. Alextraza, the Queen of the Red Dragon flight was in reclusion, and pain. It seemed that her consort, Krauses, had betrayed every dragon, and killed countless eggs. The vision swirled, and she saw that Deathwing had actually been responsible, and the world was in terrible danger. Every Blood Elf, and every being on Azeroth, would be destroyed if Deathwing's plans came to fruition. The Naaru pleaded in the vision with her to take up the light, and fight against evil.

That very morning, Regent Lord Lor'Themar Theron summoned Izabélla Lightcatcher, and commissioned her to organize a contigant of Sin'Dorei to fight against Deathwing in all of its forms. As she carries out this task, she constantly revisited by the vision of the Lifebinder, twisting in agony of her consorts betrayal. It serves as a reminder that all is not what it seems, and we have to persevere against the forces of evil. She would heed the call of the Earthen Ring, and stop any threat that would endanger her people.


Like all Sin'Dorei, it is difficult to understand Izabélla Lightcatcher's allegiances. During some moments, she seems to be a dangerous member of the Horde, willing to extract justice on the Alliance for their crimes. At other times, she seems a strong ally of the Argent Crusade. Other times, she is a caring priest, wishing to heal her people, (as she can't seem to find peace in her own life) She weilds the light, but is not afraid to use the darkness. Many may see her dealings with Warlocks and Rogues as hypocricy, but she feels that the ends justify the means. She has vowed to herself to eradicate all threats to the Sin'Dorei, and will do everything in her power to eliminate those threats.

Azeroth, you have been warned.

Me as a player

This character is actually a alt. I changed her to a Blood Elf and created this back story with a single purpose in mind: Create a 10 man Role Playing Raid Team. I have named the team "Belore Sin'Selama", which loosely translated comes out to "The Sun, Justified in Blood"

My main Character is Mechete. He is a Restoration Shaman on the Raiding Team "Team Voldemort" and has had much success in the Firelands, going 7/7 regular, and 6/7 heroic.

I am actually a projection technician out of Seattle. I travel throughout the week, and use my free time after work to play Warcraft. When I am at home, I like to BBQ, and play the piano for church.