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Ironclawed's Avatar.jpeg
Jae'hana "The Ironclawed" Landstrider
Guardian of Cenarius
Game Name


Race Tauren
Gender Female
Class Druid
Professions Herbalism Mining
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Cenarion Circle

Physical Attributes

Jae'hana is an older Tauren female, bordering on venerable age. Her patchwork hide is faded from many summers and winters exposed to the elements, while wrinkles festoon the corners of her eyes and muzzle. Despite her great age, there is zeal for life in her eyes and a willingness to help in all things. While she's not as strong as she once was, her tall, lean frame still bears much in the way of whipcord-like muscle.

Casual Attire

When not on-duty for the Cenarion Circle, Jae'hana can often be found in loose-fitting comfortable gowns, robes, or dresses, usually with some kind of tribal feel due to her close affinity to her people.

Professional Attire

Jae'hana dresses in full leather armor on the battlefield, even though her work these days is typically that of a healer or medic. Her preferred color being blue, since it makes her relatively easy to spot in most Horde formations of red.


Patient, caring, and gentle are Jae'hana's foremost personality traits. She has spent too many long years training younger druids to be anything else.

However, Jae'hana does have a deep-seated hatred of warlocks due to her time fighting the Burning Legion during the Burning Crusade. She believes most of them to be corrupt by the dark powers they wield and incapable of redemption; there are very few warlocks she's encountered that disprove this notion.


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Friends & Associates

► Sparrow
► Arisu Summerdew


Angel, the player of Ironclawed, is a 30-something author, occasional artist, and hobbyist photographer.