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Iceflare and Vahlar.jpg
Iceflare Dragonheart
Game Name


Race Orc
Gender Female
Class Hunter
Professions Leatherworking Skinning
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Iceflare is an Orc Hunter, and Pleb of Alea Iacta Est


Iceflare Dragonheart stands at a height of 6'2" which although towering over many of her opponents, is diminutive for an orc. Her piercing blue eyes are what people notice first and they are the eyes of one who has seen much and does not care to discuss it.

Her delicate olive skin has the look of that which was cared for in younger years but is now becoming weather-worn. Her lush mahogany hair is swept up into a ponytail which she claims helps her focus on the task at hand. She is strikingly beautiful (even to those outside of her race) but she either doesn't notice, or doesn't care to notice. She is in constant possession of a moon-shaped crystal pendant that she wears around her wrist and will not speak of it to anyone.


Iceflare began her life in tragedy. While giving birth to her, her mother died without giving her a name, or naming who her father might be. With no other family to speak of, she was sent to an orphanage, a crystal pendant her only possession, thought to belong to her mother. The only thing known about her mother was her first name: Lightwind.

The matrons of the busy orphanage had no time for the many charges that they supervised and did not even bother to name the newly orphaned baby orc. As the child grew, she was teased often for not having a name or family and being fiercely protective over the pendant that she wrapped around her wrist so that she might see it often.

Aware that she had no name or history, upon reaching teenage years, the young female orc decided to discover both of these for herself. She gave herself the name Iceflare. Ice for the how she could turn her heart so cold to avoid feeling emotion and flare for the fiery tongue that she possessed. Taking her own identity in hand, she didn't expect to find others that she could create a kinship with, but fate had other ideas. Once there, she became fast friends with a sneaky, mischievous, female troll named Iceflow and a kind and honest, female blood elf named Iceprayer. One thing that bonded these young women was the Ice name which they held close. They became sisters.

Now that she had an identity, she believed it was time for her to find her family. All that she knew about her mother was a name and the pendant that she always kept with her. She believed that her father was someone great. There was no other explanation for her. Upon hearing of the greatness of Thrall, leader of the orcs, she has become convinced that he is her father and has been searching for a way to gain an audience with him. She believes that if she shows him the pendant, he will accept her as his daughter and will have the family that she always seeks.

One day when Iceflare had recently turned 17, goblins visited the orphanage. Her beauty immediately captured their attention and they assured the matrons that they would guide her and give her a good home. The matrons were all too happy to oblige since she was older and believed they had nothing else to give her. Iceflare sensed a way out of the life she had been leading. She begged the goblins to take Iceflow and Iceprayer with her but they refused.

Upon taking her away from the orphanage, the goblins quickly revealed that they did not wish to give her a good and loving home but use her striking beauty for their own gain. She was quickly forced into a life of prostitution. Iceflare looked for a way to escape at every opportunity. She always had a certain affinity with animals and befriended a wolf and a scorpion when nobody else thought it was possible. These were her only friends in the nightmare she was now leading. She named her scorpion Vahlar and her wolf, she gave the name of Mobius. The goblins allowed her to keep her companions but only chained up so they could not aid in her escape.

She resigned herself to this life for now but was convinced she would be given a chance to escape. One day, while being forced to work, one of her clients presented himself to her. The male orc gazed at her in such a way that riled her temper. Her piercing blue eyes challenged his but yet remained silent. He gave her his name: Wemnar and explained that he had seen her and seen into her soul. He believed that it was fate that he had seen her and wanted to rescue her. She quickly replied that she did not need rescuing and could take care of herself. Wemnar told her that this was not the time for heroics and quickly convinced her that this was what was best for her. Iceflare begrudgingly agreed but not until he agreed to rescue Vahlar and Mobius as well. After seeing Wemnar use powers that she had never seen, she gained a new respect for her companion.

After rescuing her companions, the party fled the brothel and journeyed together. Slowly, Iceflare's heart warmed toward Wemnar and began to allow him into her circle of people that she trusted. Wemnar gave Iceflare the surname of Dragonheart, for he had never seen anyone fight so hard and fiercely for what they believed in. He understands her independent nature and wants nothing but to remain by her side.

Iceflare's life quest is to find her father and to once again find her sister's at the orphanage. She has been unable to locate them anywhere and fears the worst. Wemnar convinced Iceflare to fight for the horde and is getting her to trust more people who fight for the like cause that they share.

In Combat

With the help of her companions, Mobius and Vahlar, Iceflare fights fast and hard in battle. She favors a bow but is equally as talented with a gun. Iceflare can tend to be absentminded so if she forgets to bring enough ammunition to battle, she will jump into the fray and melee with her pets.

Her diminutive, but strong stature wears mail into battle supplemented by various pieces of leather. She fights dirty if she has to and lets everyone know it.

Affiliation with Other Characters

Wemnar is her constant companion and one of the people that she trusts completely. She has begun a romantic relationship with him but yet still holds some of her heart away from him.

Iceprayer and Iceflow are her long lost sisters and she wishes to find them one day. She believes them in terrible danger and will stop at nothing to discover their whereabouts.

She believes Thrall, the leader of the orcs, to be her father. Although Wemnar has tried to talk sense into her and explain how this cannot be, she will accept no other explanation. She continues to seek an audience with the orc king.

Views on Other Races and Factions

Her view on goblins is negative (and rightly so). She does business with them begrudgingly, only if she has to, and if she gets something out of it. She never ceases to remind them how much of a danger she poses to them if they cross her. She continues to hunt for her once captors. They continue to hide from her.

She is hesitant to trust others of her own race for they have ridiculed her idea that the great Thrall is her father. She is wary of her own kind and keeps her distance.


Iceflare is played by Renee Crocker(User:Iceflare). She lives in Louisville, KY and is a systems database developer for a insurance claims clearinghouse. She has been playing World of Warcraft for over three years and doesn't see herself going anywhere for a long time.