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Since picking weeds is frowned upon by the guardians of Silvermoon City, the Herbalism profession can't be done at The AIE Craft Faire. For those of you who go out on your own to farm herbs for The Craft Faire, here is the link to the Herbalism spreadsheet.


Please note the tabs at the bottom to select Alchemy/Enchanting and Inscription. As these professions receive donations either from Herbalism donors or their own, the totals remaining to farm will be reflected on the Herbalism spreadsheet as well as the respective Alchemy, Enchanting and Inscription spreadsheets. If you are donating herbs for whomever can use them, please send them to ______ and they will be divided 50%-50% between the two major users. Purple Lotus will always go to Enchanting first until they have what they need. If you specify Alchemy, send your donations to Frodoz; if your donations need to go to Inscription, send them to Frodoaz.