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Shaman crest.jpg
Game Name


Race Troll
Gender Male
Class Shaman
Professions Herbalism Alchemy
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations The Azul Scimitar

Grubash is a Troll Shaman, and Cohort of Alea Iacta Est


Grubash is tall among his friends in The Horde, but average or even short among other Trolls- standing at Seven feet & three inches in height.

Character History

Blood-covered dudgeon's, the cries of captives even. The smell of burning hair & the taste of a humidity fused with fluid, sweat, & earth would hang low in the air. For the first 13 years of Grubash's life these were the feelings of routine; the sounds & senses of ritual & motion known to his body automatically even. Born among the Echo Isles to Troll Hunters brainwashed by Zalazane- Grubash was spared from a premature sacrificial death when the Witch Doctor decided he could be raised as a pupil, a loyal disciple. The perfect tool in his own schemes & vendettas. While the young Troll excelled at mimicking his master through daily activities he showed a reluctance in the ambushes laid for unsuspecting fishermen from the Darkspear tribe. For years it was Grubash's hand that drove small daggers through the hearts of victims tip-to-hilt. It was he whom spread the blood ceremonially across the foreheads & tusks of those who worshiped Zalazane. At night when he slept occasionally he would question the actions of his past but left it mostly undisturbed.

Eventually the Darkspears fled the Isles for the mainland yet sent half-hearted mercenaries to the Isles in an attempt to beat back Zalazane, or weaken his numbers. These brought interesting challenges to Grubash since these men & women sent usually ended up becoming inductees into the ranks of the witch doctor. However, during the last of his teenage years Grubash saw something he never had before- after dozens of raids against their strong island he was taken so incredibly by surprise that he was dumbfounded. He awoke to the horn alerting them of an attack & when he rushed out of the hut he saw a beast taller than any Troll with eyes burning in wrathful fire & horns reaching crookedly from it's furrowed brow. In it's strange, wind-like tongue it formed the earth into thistles that captured Grubash's associates while lightning spewed from the air to pummel them as the beast transformed into a cat like the tigers native to the islands. This hoofed and yet now feline demon dispatched as many as six servants of Zalazane before a second alarm was bellowed. When the alerter was silenced the monster assumed a form that was bear and not bear, now tearing into the homes & remaining villagers most horribly. In it's own growling language it called out for Zalazane, desiring to do battle with the old Troll. Grubash took to hiding in the brush yet watched in horror as Zalazane laid out his best curses & jinxes on the creature who only returned once to the hoofed form to drink something before melding into the cat once again. After roughly 20 minutes Zalazane staggered, fell & sighed his last hideous breath. The horned demon returned to full height & beheaded Grubash's master.

When he awoke, Grubash found he was being drug by the creature on to the shore of Sen'jinn village towards the hut of Gadrin. After looking the boy over & muttering a few words Gadrin did the unthinkable & wiped a part of Grubash's holy face paint away which sent a large amount of pain through his young body- the last hold Zalazane had placed on Grubash had been broken & wiped clean, and for the first time in his life Grubash was fully conscious of his own being, of his own thoughts. After his sickness passed Gadrin began the boys new tutelage, sensing to re-direct what Zalazane poured in to him rather than cleanse it entirely. It was the elder Troll's hope that Grubash could be made a powerful & wise monk among the Dark Spear Trolls, and a reckoning force within the Horde. Of his many lessons in Wisdom, Humility, Meekness, Power, & Balance Grubash struggled in them all. For so much of his life having believed the opposite was true it was difficult for him to unlearn the teachings of his past for the path that lay ahead of him.

Seven years have passed since Grubash was rescued, a new Zalazane has appeared on the islands [Author's note: For the sake of my character's history please assume that Zalazane is a Witch Doctor's title rather than a given name. Similar to Morgoth being given the title Melkor in The Silmarillian]. After several unsuccessful attempts to free the island of the seemingly bound magic that corrupts it's inhabitants Grubash has left the Echo Isles & Sen'jinn Village behind for now to search for a deeper understanding of the earth around him. For his final lesson Gadrin has sent him into the world without possession or refuge, a young & new yet hardened Shaman set to explore the lands until he can achieve serenity & understanding for all his people's problems. While venturing through Durotaur an Orc Hunter named Ishtuk stumbled upon the fledgling Shaman. He saved Grubash's life from the Burning Blade Coven on Skull Rock.

After giving him rations & lessons in Herbalism & First Aid Ishtuk passed on a sense of purpose in the Troll, that if he sought his dreams rather than his results they would fall in place. Soon after Grubash was approached by the Azul Scimitar, an elite group of adventurers & Treasure Hunters whom gather information & data across all regions. His first mission was a tour of Thousand Needles to track the Wyverns & Wind Serpents in the region as well as infiltrate a Grimtotem camp that has yet to be sanctioned by Mulgore. Currently Grubash is training with the Shaman of the Thousand Needles while awaiting his next assignment in Stranglethorn Vale, his ancestors homeland. He hopes that there he might find answers to the riddles of the Echo Isles.

En Garde!

Grubash is an Elemental Shaman, given the similarities it shares with his previous discipleship as a Witch Doctor. He uses the power of Water to shield himself from attacks while relying on Earth & Fire to weaken & scorch his foes. He is a relentless warrior & intones his spells with fervor.

Playing with Others

  • Ishtuk - Ishtuk saved the Troll from starvation & as a sacrifice from the Burning Blade, for that he is very thankful. He made a blood pact with the Orc & claims a kinship to him now. While they have spent only two seasons together Grubash confided much of his dreams with the Orc, who directed him to Aught- their Tauren ally & druid.
  • Aught - Grubash has no comprehension that the Tauren Druid who saved his life from Zalazane is Aught. While Aught holds his suspicions he holds onto his doubt that this Troll is the youth he spared. Mostly because Aught still has no idea what stayed his hand. Before he drug the boy to shore his hoof had been at his throat ready for the killing stomp. Either way Aught remains patient to see how this young Troll turns out, and Grubash awaits eagerly to meet & share his dreams with the Druid, hoping his wisdom & council may be of use.


Grubash is played by User:Ishtuk.