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Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Female
Class Paladin
Professions Jewelcrafting Mining
Guild AIE

About Firfeldre

Firfeldre is a blood elf. She is a direct decedent of the Highborn. She can be traced back to the Sunstrider line, however she chooses not to be known as such. She believes that magic has long been the downfall of her ancestors, her very race. She has turned toward the light, something more visible from the inner eye than arcane magic. She fights so that others may live and never face suffering as her line has. She is strong, faithful and full of light- she is a very special Paladin. Until recently, Firfeldre thought to have no surviving relatives. She has received some information recently from an old friend, a low ranking Orc warrior, Kreegon, stationed in the Barrens about a possible relation. Kreegon literally stumbled upon the blood elf priestess on a mission within the Wailing Caverns in the Barrens. This young priestess turned out to be none other than Firfeldre's younger cousin Cindorfel. Firfeldre thought her to be dead, but when she got word from her old friend Kreegon of Cindorfel's whereabouts, she swore to journey to Kalimdor to reunite with her only known surviving kin as soon as her current obligation in Northrend was complete. That was nearly 8 months ago and the struggle in Northrend rages on....

About Me

Check out my user profile page User:Firfeldre page to find out about the actor behind the character Firfeldre

More Info About Firfeldre

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About INDY

Firfeldre is a member of INDY, a raid group in AIE. Click on this for more info: I'm_Not_Dead_Yet