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About the Segment

Epic Achievements! was a podcast segment created by Takemikazuch, a hunter from the Earthen Ring US guild Alea Iacta Est Fortuna. This segment featured various achievements in World of Warcraft and tips and tricks on how to easily achieve them.

Featured podcasts

This segment has been featured on the AIE Podcast since July of 2011. The show was temporarily on hiatus for three months in 2012 due to Takemikazuch going through a real life job change. The segment will be coming back starting June 10th.

In September of 2013, it was announced that the segment was going on indefinite hiatus for the foreseeable future.

A revamped version of this segment, known as Epic Raiding Achievements, was being featured on the Convert to Raid podcast, featuring Convert to Raid guildmates Zhug, Solarflair, Koltrane, and Athaerick. As of June 10th, the Epic Raiding Achievements was merged into the regular Epic Achievements segments. As such, one can hear the week's main featured achievement on both the AIE Podcast and Convert to Raid.

Where to find it?

Epic Achievements and Epic Raiding Achievements archives are found at http://epicachievements.blogspot.com