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In order to maximize our fleets' effectiveness and take advantage of the fleet system's ability to allow multiple people to give out fleet invites, the proper method for forming a fleet is below.

Please note: This document does not constitute official policy, but merely recommendations on the most effective way to form fleets.

Fleet Commanders

This section is specifically aimed at providing guidance to Fleet Commanders.


  1. Plan the route. Consult maps, prepare intel.
  2. Find out if there are any active fleets out.
  3. If wartime, convo any potential pickups and see if they are on your route.

Fleet Formation

  1. Right-click on your own name and form a fleet with yourself.
  2. Create some more squads in Wing 1 (as many as you are comfortable with).
  3. Create a second wing for the scouts.
  4. Create a separate in-game chat channel used for command.
  5. Connect to Mumble, join a combat channel, and set up the key Bindings for Fleet channels Key Bindings for Fleet channels on Mumble
  6. If wartime, invite pickups into the fleet.
  7. Call in Alliance for Scouts (Scouts should be asked to convo the FC directly, so as not to advertise publicly who they are).
  8. Call in Alliance for Leadership (For large fleets, start with Wing Commanders (WC) and smaller fleets Squad Commanders (SC)).
  9. Invite scouts, Wing Commanders and Squad Commanders into the fleet, to their proper positions, so that when each member joins, they will not require moving. This is done by right clicking on the name in alliance and highlighting invite to fleet and selecting the position you want to fill.
  10. Invite all scouts, WCs and SCs into your dedicated in-game chat channel.
  11. Invite all scouts and those WCs and SCs into the mumble command channel that you deem essential. Usually you want those WCs and SCs on mumble command channel that perform certain tasks like acting on their own (e.g. bait, camp, movement).
  12. Confirm that all scouts, WCs and SCs are using the Key Bindings for Fleet channels on Mumble correctly.
  13. Discuss fleet operation plan with your command group.
  14. Announce your plan on the global command channel to coordinate with/not ruin other fleets and ask for intel.

Delegated Fleet Formation

If you are running a small fleet operation, you may be more comfortable executing these steps by yourself...

  1. If wartime, ask command group to monitor WT activity during the operation.
  2. Send scouts on their way.
  3. Ask Squad Commanders to form squad chats (useful even in small fleets, to help reinvite pilots with internet disconnections)
  4. Ask Squad Commanders to invite pilots when they X up in Alliance.
  5. Ask Squad Commanders to confirm that all members in their squads are on Mumble, and can hear you speaking.
  6. Call in Alliance for fleet members. Typically this is done in batches: Electronic Warfare (EW), Damage Dealers (DD), and Tacklers (T). SCs will then fill their squads from the available pilots while the FC coordinates with scouts and gathers intel. You may also wish to designate speciality squads or ask for other roles (e.g. stealth bombers, logistics, bait, remote-repping battleships).
  7. Make a final call in Alliance to catch anyone who may have missed their role's call.
  8. Close the fleet in Alliance.

Basic Education

Most Eve University fleets include at least a few pilots who may be relatively new to fleet ops. It is a good idea to briefly mention the following topics. Remember that for further detail, pilots can always ask their Squad Commanders.

  1. Welcome everyone to the fleet and introduce yourself. Say something about the operation.
  2. Confirm that everyone is in Aldrat.
  3. Ask anyone new to fleet ops to identify themselves (so that you can provide extra assistance if needed).
  4. Ask pilots to undock, and warp to the FC-designated rally point or POS.
  5. Tell pilots not to move once at the rally point or inside the POS.
  6. Tell pilots about your expectations on use of squad chats, fleet chats, Mumble comms discipline. This is up to the judgement of the FC.
  7. Briefly cover the following topics (suggest that SCs can give more detail):
    1. Pilots must have read and be familiar with The Rookie's Guide To Fleet Ops
    2. Overview must be set up as per Eve University guidelines
    3. Fleet Window must be set to show as hierarchy, to show which wing/squad pilots are in
    4. FC, WC, SC and scouts should be added to the Watchlist
    5. Double-checking of ammo, ship is insured, medical clone is up-to-date
    6. Ship has been renamed
    7. Faction standings must not be less than -5 (otherwise pilots might have trouble flying through some parts of Empire space)
  8. Further details that may be covered as the fleet is underway:
    1. Outline basic terms such as Align, OGC, DGC, JJJ
    2. Explain fleet movement standing orders (e.g. OGCs on gate, holding cloak after jumping, reapproaching gates, etc.)
    3. Set RoE expectations (see flashy, shoot flashy; or hold fire until ordered?)
    4. Set ship wrecks expecations (destroy wrecks; abandon wrecks; or loot wrecks?)
    5. Talk about fleet broadcasts
    6. Identify and announce a backup FC who will take over the fleet if you are removed from the field

Fleet Departure

  1. Wait for confirmation from SCs that fleet is ready.
  2. If wartime, announce fleet departure using Key Bindings for Fleet channels on Mumble.
  3. Provide destination system in command chat channel.
  4. Get the fleet to warp themselves to the Eygfe gate.
    1. It is strongly recommended that you not fleet-warp everyone when departing for the designated warp gate, especially if you are forming within a POS or communal rally point. This is to avoid dragging inattentive or AFK pilots outside the protection of the POS shield where they may be at the mercy of the enemy.

Returning Home

  1. Ensure that scouts can make their own way safely home.
  2. Confirm with SCs that fleet is together.
  3. Set destination to Aldrat in fleet chat.
  4. Inform fleet members on how to handle kills/losses
    1. Rules on kill/lossmails
    2. How to Post A Killmail
  5. If peacetime, let pilots know they can peel off from the fleet now (ask them to inform their SC).
  6. If wartime, fleet needs to stick together until Aldrat.
  7. Remind people not to drop fleet or Mumble until they are docked in a station (session timers may cause trouble for them).
  8. Ask everyone to thank the scouts, WCs and SCs.
  9. Mention that you will be posting an AAR.
  10. Thank everyone for the fleet.
  11. If wartime, announce fleet return using Global Command PTT on Mumble.
  12. Drop fleet, and don't forget to write the After Action Report.

The After Action Report

When you have returned with your fleet, you write down an After Action Report in the designated section on the forum [1]. In this AAR you mention:

  1. The objective of your fleet and the operational area
  2. An explanation of what happened during the fleet operation
  3. You mention what you've learned during this experience.

If your fleet saw any kill, please also fill out the Fleet Participation Form. It is used for a variety of things, including tracking of FCs progress as well as adding logistic pilots to the killmails.

Wing and Squad Commanders

Syntax for X-ing up in Alliance chat

Generally the FC will request people with Leadership skills before the main fleet, in order to ensure the leadership positions are taken by suitably skilled people. Fleet Leadership explains more about how the leadership skills work together.

L# indicates you have Leadership trained to that skill level.
WC# indicates you have Wing Command trained to that skill level.
FC# indicates you have Fleet Command trained to that skill level.

#/#/#/# is the syntax for stating the combat-related booster skills. The numbers are ordered alphabetically so its Armored Warfare/Information Warfare/Siege Warfare/Skirmish Warfare. 2/2/2/2 indicates each skill trained to level two. 3/2/2/3 means Armored Warfare and Skirmish Warfare are at level three, and Information Warfare and Siege Warfare are at level 2.

For example, one could state "WC2 3/3/3/3" to indicate you have Wing Command trained to level 2, and each booster skill trained to level 3.

Wing Commanders

Wing Commanders can be used in various roles:

  • As semi Fleet Commanders
  • As fleet-bonus placeholder
  • For reinviting people to the squads in the wing
  • Keeping an eye out for stragglers
  • Making sure all fleet members are in the correct Mumble PvP operations room
  • Any other thing the FC doesn't have time for to keep track of also

Squad Commanders

Fleet Formation

  1. Form squad chats (useful even in small fleets, to help reinvite pilots with Internet disconnections)
  2. Add members of your squad to your watch list, so you can easily keep track of whether they are with the fleet
  3. Confirm that all squad members are on Mumble and can hear the FC speaking
  4. Encourage squad members to post their ship fits (partly to initiate conversation, and also to potentially avoid fail fits or War SOP non-compliant fits)
  5. Make a list of squad members with:
    1. Character name
    2. Ship name / Ship type
    3. Role
    4. Optimal range

Basic Education

  1. Offer squad members advice on any of the topics raised by the FC, but don't forget to use the help of other squadmates who may also be experienced pilots

During the Fleet

  1. Reinvite disconnected squad members
  2. Keep an eye on the squad members
    1. Are squad members missing fleet-warps?
    2. Are squad members in the place where they should be?
    3. Are squad members AFK?
    4. Are the squad members in the correct Mumble PvP operations room?