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Lord Denalian
Knight of the Ebon Blade
Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Male
Class Death Knight
Professions Skinning Mining Runeforging
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations NAVY SEALS!!!

Denalian is a Blood Elf Death Knight, and Cohort of Alea Iacta Est


"Before you stands a rather imposing visage of a Death Knight. Although he breathes like most living things nearby him, he does not emanate the warmth that most living do. His armor is dull, scratched, and dented; covered in dried blood with highlights of fresh blood. The acrid stench of decay surrounds him, and is detectable to the average person at about 2-3 feet away. His face appears to have lost the ability to smile, and his eyes droop as if he's not seen sleep in years. His eyes feel as though they are upon you, even though his gaze is turned forward, toward the horizon."

Character History

Very little is known, even to Denalian, about his past. From the pieces he has picked up, he knows that he was once a High Elf warrior and Farstrider, along with a female High Elf of unknown importance. They were mobilized with the Farstrider forces, under the command of Ranger-General Sylvanas Windrunner to protect the Elf Gates from the invading Scourge force. Denalian fought to defend the second, inner Elf Gate; but at some point during the battle was slain.

At some point after the Scourge's successful campaign against the High Elves, Denalian and several other High Elf warriors were re-vivified as agents of the Scourge, Death Knights, at the order of Dar'Khan Drathir. It was Dar'Khan's plan to demoralize the remaining forces of the High Elves by using their own heroes against them in battle.

Denalian, unable to resist the influence of the Lich King, helped to wipe out the Scarlet Enclave during his training at Acherus, but seceded with the Knights of the Ebon Blade following the events at Light's Hope Chapel. Separated from the influence of the Scourge, Denalian tries to keep himself in constant action, as each given quest is a temporary purpose for his continued existence. Since he is technically undead, he does not need to sleep, but does meditate from time to time. Meditation is a daunting task, however, as he is racked with guilt and haunted by the spirits of those whom he harmed in service to the Scourge.

Now a "free agent" of the Horde, Denalian has trained himself for two specific goals:

  • Find the woman from his memories, the only person he can remember and the only person who may be able to tell him who he was.
  • Find and destroy the Lich King, ending the Scourge threat once and for all.

Connections to other Characters

  • Reinyan - Denalian has met and spoken at length with Reinyan. Although Reinyan did not know him prior to his death, and therefore, cannot fill in missing links to his past; he does remain an important part of Denalian's attachment with the living and more specifically Alea Iacta Est.
  • Raajin - Although a more recent acquaintance of his, Raajin has been steadily been in written dialog with Denalian on the matters of guilt, redemption, and responsibility. Through discourse and discussion, the two have begun to explore their own feelings, and grow toward some reconciliation with their lives and past deeds.