Darth Zeta

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Once a slave to the jungle trolls, Darth Zeta was one of the blessed goblins to receive enhanced intellect from the kaja'mite ore. After the liberation of his people, Darth's new gifts allowed him to become a competent engineer. Unfortunately, freedom was not to remain his. The Lich King and his minions saw to it that Darth become a slave again in death.

Since his second liberation, Darth has had to relearn the trades from his past and find a new path. Becoming a solder-for-hire, Darth shares the gift of death to those who stand between him and profit.


Darth is most interested in parting fools from their wealth, but has become recently fascinated in growing new life from the soil. It is so foreign a concept that he can't seem to stop.


Darth Zeta is played by User:Emperortheta.