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Mage crest.jpg
Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Male
Class Mage
Professions Alchemy Herbalism
Guild Alea Iacta Est


(Character description to come)


Daelion is part of the new breed of the Horde. Born just before the Third War, and merely an infant during Silvermoon's fall to the Scourge; Daelion grew up not knowing the power of the Sunwell. Unhindered by the arcane thirst that left so many of his predecessors hamstrung, Daelion excelled at his studies and showed natural aptitude for Magic. He was quickly inducted into the finest schools of magic in Qual'Thalas.

Daelion, however, quickly grew bored. Classes did not move at his pace, and did not feature practical enough examples for his tasted. After only a year and a half of apprenticeship and study, he left the safety of Sunstrider Isle in search of a trial by fire.


Daelion is relatively quiet. Although he is very intelligent, it leads him to also be slightly arrogant. He currently appears to have a predilection for the Frost studies, but has shown some interest in the Fire and Arcane arts. Currently, he can be found flying about Northrend, honing his skill in the frost and fire arts.

Interactions with Other Characters

  • Reinyan - Daelion once met the self-described "New Farstrider" in a tavern. For several hours, they told each other stories over drink. If they ever cross paths again, Daelion is reputed to owe Reinyan a drink and the story about why he left.