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For mats donations, please see the Cooking Spreadsheet at

SECTION I Cooking 1 - 525 (for toons below level 85)

We are using the Cooking in Mists of Pandaria to level folks from Cooking Level 1 to 525. The upside is: You will be able to level to Cooking 525 much quicker than in the past. Now the downside is. . .there is none!. We will have a Cooking Team Mage standing by in Silvermoon to record your information (name, level, etc.). After grouping, you will be portaled to The Shrine Of The Two Moons where you will be met by Master Of The Ways Tynchal. You will be introduced to the Two Moons Flightmaster (if you haven't already met) to facilitate your return to Silvermoon when you are finished. Then, you'll hop aboard a Cooking Team member's mount and fly to Halfhill, meeting the Flightmaster there so when you have finished leveling to 525, you can fly back to Two Moons then run upstairs and use the Silvermoon portal to return to The Craft Faire if desired. Then, you will be handed all the Cooking mats you will need to train with Sungshin Ironpaw, Cooking Trainer at Halfhill Market. If you are at least Level 85, you will also receive all the mats needed to reach Cooking Level 600.


SUGGESTION: Keep the Cooking Trainer window open to the training schedule. This way you can see at what level the next recipe becomes available so you don't make more than you need.

1 Cooking Level 1-31 Learn Sliced Peaches recipe. (Pandarian Peach x 6)

2 Cooking Level 31-61 Learn Perfectly Cooked Instant Noodles recipe. (Instant Noodles x 6)

3 Cooking Level 61-91 Learn Toasted Fish Jerky recipe. (Golden Carp x 6)

4 Cooking Level 90-121 Learn Dried Needle Mushrooms recipe. (Needle Mushrooms x 6)

5 Cooking Level 120-150 Learn Pounded Rice Cake recipe. (Rice x 6)

6 Cooking Level 150-180 Learn Yak Cheese Curds recipe. (Yak Milk x 6)

7 Cooking Level 180-210 Learn Dried Peaches recipe. (Pandarian Peach x 6)

8 Cooking Level 210-240 Learn Boiled Silkworm Pupa recipe. (Silkworm Pupa x 6)

9 Cooking Level 240-270 Learn Roasted Barley Tea recipe. (Barley x 6)

10 Cooking Level 270-300 Learn Golden Carp Consomme recipe. (Golden Carp x 12)

11 Cooking Level 300-330 Learn Fish Cake recipe. (Golden Carp x 12)

12 Cooking Level 330-360 Learn Blanched Needle Mushrooms recipe. (Needle Mushrooms x 12)

13 Cooking Level 360-390 Learn Red Bean Bun recipe. (Red Beans x 6)

14 Cooking Level 390-420 Learn Skewered Peanut Chicken. (Farm Chicken x 6)

15 Cooking Level 420-450 Learn Green Curry Fish recipe. (Rice x 6, Golden Carp x 12)

16 Cooking Level 450-480 Learn Peach Pie recipe. (Pandarian Peach x 12)

17 Cooking Level 480-495 Learn Tangy Yogurt recipe. (Yak Milk x 3, Pandarian Peach x 3)

18 Cooking Level 495-510 Learn Pearl Milk Tea recipe. (Yak Milk x 6)

19 Cooking Level 510-520 Learn Wildfowl Ginseng Soup recipe. (Wildfowl Breast x 2, Ginseng x 2)

20 Cooking Level 520-525 Learn Rice Pudding recipe. (Rice x 1, Yak Milk x 1)

Don't forget to learn the new ranks of cooking at 50, 125, 210, 275, 350 and at 425! Training the new ranks will cost around 200 gold.

SECTION II Cooking 525-600 (for toons level 85 or higher)

This is the guide that you can use when you complete training with Sungshin Ironpaw at Halfhill Market. . .you do HAVE to be at least level 85 to do this.

Cooking 525-600

You now have a cooking skill of 525 and are ready to learn the ways of Panda cooking! For those leveling it might be good to know that these will reward you the full amount of xp for your level. So You Want To Be A Chef? Accept the will have the ingredients to make your Sliced Peaches. Deliver the quest and pick up the follow up from her. Ready For Greatness Ready For Greatness is yet another simple quest. You will have 5 x Rice and 5 x Yak Milk and make your Rice Pudding. After completing this quest you will learn Zen Master Cook and receive a Ironpaw Token.

Six new quests now open up, 1 for each Cooking specialization. Every recipe grants 5 skillups as long as they're orange. As I said before do the Ways in the order in this guide only, guarantees both 600 and the Meta "Master of the Ways" with mats stated. Five of the Ways are associated with 1 primary stat and one with getting drunk. My personal FAVE ! ! "HIC" !

You may pick one of the Ways to level up during the Craft Faire, preferably the one that supports your primary stat; or you can do all six if you want to put in the time. Just make sure you come to the Craft Faire with lots of bag space! Oh, I almost forgot. . .you will earn the title of Master Of The Ways. So the 6 Ways are:

  • Agility - Way of the Wok

  • Strength - Way of the Grill

  • Stamina - Way of the Oven 

  • Intellect - Way of the Pot

  • Spirit - Way of the Steamer

  • Getting drunk - Way of the Brew

These specializations are not exclusive; you can learn all 6 on a single character. In fact for the Meta you have to learn all 6 !

You gain cooking skill in each Way separately. As to your overall skill it is always equal to your highest skill in any Way. At 575, all Ways get recipes for a 10 man and a 25 man Banquet that will increase stats by 250 (the Craft Faire provides mats only for the 10 man Banquet, not the 25 man Great Banquet). Note that the Banquets are not bound to the Way's stat; a Mage like me eating from a Banquet of the Steamer will still get 250 Intellect from it, yet the Way of the Steamer is associated with Spirit. This fact is solo cool ! !

At 600 you can learn the ultimate recipe of a Way, which allows you to create food that increases the Way's associated stat by 300. This again HAS to be done on ALL Ways for the Meta and title Master Of The Ways! Each Way levels up via a similar method: First you need to Complete a quest to learn the cooking Way. All quests start from Sungshin Ironpaw, and require ingredients to be delivered to the Way's trainer. Each of the sets are named below, with material totals as well.

SUGGESTION: Keep the Cooking Trainer window open to the training schedule. This way you can see at what level the next recipe becomes available so you don't make more than you need.

Way of the Brew - No stat gain, just a THUMPING Headache and good memories!

Total Ingredients 525 - 600: 
65x [Jade Squash]
250x [Green Cabbage]
315x [Witchberries]
5 x [100 Year Soy Sauce]26 x [Ginseng]

Start by accepting the quest Way of the Brew, from Sungshin Ironpaw. Deliver 1 x [Ginseng] to Bobo Ironpaw.

  • 525 - 550 - 
25 x [Ginseng Tea] - 25 x [Ginseng]
  • 550 - 576
 - 13 x [Jade Witch Brew] - 65 x [Jade Squash] and 65 x [Witchberries]
  • 576 - 600
 5 x [Banquet of the Brew] - 5 x 100 Year Soy Sauce, 250 x [Green Cabbage], 250 x [Witchberries].

Way of the Grill - Strength

Total Ingredients 525 - 600: 30 x [Raw Tiger Steak]
65 x [Striped Melon]
13 x [Jade Lungfish] 
50 x [Redbelly Mandarin]
 50 x [Raw Crab Meat]
 250 x [White Turnip]
 5 x [100 Year Soy Sauce]

Now the Method - Same as before. Accept the quest Way of the Grill. Deliver 5 x [Raw Tiger Steak] to Kol Ironpaw.

  • 525 - 550
 25 x [Charbroiled Tiger Steak] - 25 [Raw Tiger Steak]
  • 550 - 576 
13 x [Eternal Blossom Fish] - 13 [Jade Lungfish], 65 [Striped Melon]
  • 576 - 600
 5 x [Banquet of the Grill] - 5 [100 Year Soy Sauce], 50 [Raw Crab Meat], 50 [Redbelly Mandarin] and 250 [White Turnip]

Way of the Oven - Stamina

Total Ingredients 525 - 600: 30 x [Wildfowl Breast]
76 x [Krasarang Paddlefish]
250 x [Mogu Pumpkin]
50 x [Raw Turtle Meat]
5 x [100 Year Soy Sauce]

Accept the quest Way of the Oven. Deliver 5 x [Wildfowl Breast] to Jian Ironpaw.

  • 525 - 550
 25 x [Wildfowl Roast] - 25 x [Wildfowl Breast]
  • 550 - 576 
13 x [Twin Fish Platter] - 26 x [Krasarang Paddlefish]
  • 576 - 600 
5 x [Banquet of the Oven] - 5 x [100 Year Soy Sauce], 50 x [Krasarang Paddlefish], 250 x [Mogu Pumpkin], 50 x [Raw Turtle Meat]

Way of the Pot - Intellect

Total Ingredients 525 - 600: 30 x [Jade Lungfish]
13 x [Raw Turtle Meat]
315 x [Juicycrunch Carrot]
50 x [Mushan Ribs]
50 x [Reef Octopus]
5 x [100 Year Soy Sauce]

Accept the quest Way of the Pot from Sungshin Ironpaw. Deliver 5 [Jade Lungfish] to Mei Mei Ironpaw

  • 525 - 550
 25 x [Swirling Mist Soup] - Jade Lungfish
  • 550 - 576
 13 x [Braised Turtle] - 13 x [Raw Turtle Meat], 65 x [Juicycrunch Carrot]
  • 576 - 600 
5 x [Banquet of the Pot] - 5 x [100 Year Soy Sauce], 250 x [Juicycrunch Carrot], 50 x [Mushan Ribs], 50 x [Reef Octopus]

Way of the Steamer - Spirit

Total Ingredients 525 - 600: 30 x [Giant Mantis Shrimp]
 63 x [Emperor Salmon] 
65 x [Scallions]
 250 x [Jade Squash]
 50 x [Wildfowl Breast] 
5 x [100 Year Soy Sauce]

Accept the quest Way of the Steamer from Sungshin Ironpaw. Deliver 5x [Giant Mantis Shrimp] to Yan Ironpaw.

  • 525 - 550 
25 x [Shrimp Dumplings] - 25 x [Giant Mantis Shrimp]
  • 550 - 576
 13 x [Fire Spirit Salmon] - 13 x [Emperor Salmon], 65 [Scallions]
  • 576 - 600
 5 x [Banquet of the Steamer] - 5 x [100 Year Soy Sauce], 50 x [Emperor Salmon], 250 x [Jade Squash], 50 x [Wildfowl Breast]

Way of the Wok - Agility

Total Ingredients 525 - 600: 55 x [Juicycrunch Carrot]
13 x [Reef Octopus]
13 x [Wildfowl Breast]
50 x [Raw Crocolisk Belly]
50 x [Giant Mantis Shrimp]
250 x [Red Blossom Leek]
5 x [100 Year Soy Sauce]

Accept the quest Way of the Wok from Sungshin Ironpaw. Deliver 5 x [Juicycrunch Carrot] to Anthea Ironpaw.

  • 525 - 550
 25 x [Sautéed Carrots] - 50 [Juicycrunch Carrot]
  • 550 - 576
 13 x [Valley Stir Fry] - [Reef Octopus], 13 [Wildfowl Breast].
  • 576 - 600 
5 x [Banquet of the Wok] - 5 [100 Year Soy Sauce]
, 50 [Giant Mantis Shrimp], 50 [Raw Crocolisk Belly], 250 [Red Blossom Leek]