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Welcome to the AIE Guild in the Book of Heroes game!

The Game

Book of Heroes is a Free-to-Play Game(with In-app purchases available) by Venan Entertainment that is available for both iOS and Android devices. It is an MMO in a loose sense, as there are guild mechanics, raiding as well as leveling and gearing up aspects, as well as VERY recently added, crafting! We are pleased to announce that while this game has a lot more loose 'structure' because of it's very nature and limited guild size, AIE has officially ventured into such.

How to Join

The guilds are filling up quickly, and we make more, so you should be able to search for 'alea iacta est' and any with openings will show up on the list. It is highly recommended that before signing up for AIE, you create a Venan ID (it's free and easy) as that is currently one of the requirements to stay in the guild. We just want to know who you are and this helps out!

Also, if you have been 'rejected' from a guild, that simply means the guild is full, and we're clearing out the excess invites! Once the guilds hit 60 members, everyone who applied basically has an application still open, even though we cannot accept more members. So don't take such personally!

AIE in BoH

The game has actually been out for quite some time as a single player game, but the MMO aspect and raiding were just added in 2012. Then Dills started playing and talked about it, and things went crazy. Blame him. Currently, these are the AIE guilds in BoH--we make more all the time as more people join.

  • alea iacta est
  • alea iacta est Audacia
  • alea iacta est Fortuna
  • alea iacta est Liberates (Oops, auto-correct! )
  • alea iacta est Comitas
  • alea iacta est Dignitas
  • alea iacta est Invictus
  • alea iacta est Veritas
  • alea iacta est Gravitas
  • alea iacta est Verendus
  • alea iacta est Salus
  • alea iacta est Fidelis


  • alea iacta est Europa is not an AIE guild.
  • alea iacta est vae victis is not an AIE guild.

Guild Policies

The rules are pretty straightforward and because of the REALLY limited guild size, we ask that folks abide by such:

  1. One character per member per guild
  2. You must log in at least once every 2 weeks to remain in guild, purges will happen frequently.
  3. Removal from guild (for inactivity) just means if you come back, you might end up in a different guild.
  4. You must have a Venan ID to be accepted into an AIE Guild. Gave folks a few weeks to get this squared away. It's easy!
    • This is a unique identifier separate from character name.
    • Example: In chat Ghomus shows up as shownotfound(Ghomus)
    • Also Venan ID allows you to have alts!
  5. When member reaches 1000 might, they're promoted to Veteran (which can start raids).
  6. Earned Guild perks are immediately available, to all member levels. (Things like 5% armor boost, 5% magic increase, etc.)