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Black Xanthas
of the Frozen Heart
Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Male
Class Death Knight
Professions Mining Blacksmithing Armorsmith
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Undercity Debt Collectors

Physical Description

Of average height and weight, by high elf standards, not much is ever seen beyond the fierce blue pin pricks of light that shine out from behind the visor of his helm, no one can say that they have ever seen the elf's face let alone anything else save the end of his twin swords. Sometimes described as pale, to the point of translucent, or otherwise golden-reddish skinned, not else much is seen.


From those that speak of the elf's brave deeds, the one thing that remains the same , are the words from behind that cold visor, speak of emptiness, a bone deep melancholy, covered up in bitterness and condescension, someone removed so much from somewhere he belongs as to never again find his place in the world. Loathe be to the person though, who would show this death knight pity. Sadly, many a townsman has died in a bar room brawl after too much ale and a kind word in the elf's direction, followed quickly by a swift departure from town that very night. But certainly it is left for others to speak about Black Xanthas, as he himself says very little that isn't beyond a curt biting riposte, and as for those he stands with, they become curiously coy about the elf behind the helm, whether out of genuine ignorance or a cautious respect, none are willing to elaborate, but all would agree he is able to unnerve most even before he opens his mouth.

The Story

Rumours. That, is all that remains when tracing or talking about Black Xanthas in any capacity. Long ago, Xanthas cast aside the remanents of his old life and other things best left behind. Some whispers speak of a once nobleman, his family line existing outside the safe confines of Silvermoon's inner court. There are even darker tales that speak of a fallen hero stolen from the grave during second war, the light his once constant companion, now no longer answering even the simplest prayer or healing or retribution(which some have said could explain his especially saved venom for Blood Knights, often heard grumbling about "self-absorbed pups")... Whatever the truth may be, it's certainly doesn't come very easily from the mouth of the man at the centre of it all, much past a derisive snort from those bold enough, after too much ale to ask this cold hero. His name Xanthas, taken from a plant in the cool shadowy forests of the Ghostlands, are well known in alchemical, as well as the more diabolical areas, the black variety known in quiet circles, for its deadly potency, and tell tale calling card, tears of blood, followed by such a vehement muscle spasm of the heart as to almost make the organ implode. Needless to say, the poison itself is almost always used when sending a message, and expensive enough to be prohibitive to all but a few. Nor is the ability to confirm his identity, as all remains hidden for the most part behind the helms that he wears, or claims from those he slays. All that speaks for him are the actions he performs, however reluctantly, that normally revolve around a pale horse and it's equally pale and cold rider arriving in town, to take care of this or that problem, a presentation of proof, a curt nod and the hero disappearing back onto the road leaving a quiet puzzlement of those who have dealt with him. Many who are asked afterwards about the elf, are told of their biting cold they experience when around him, along with those ice blue pinpricks of blazing light, razor sharp wit they hear (when they hear words at all) and constant rime of frost that covers him from head to foot, keep all but the most bold, or purely innocent away from direct contact. Others however claim to have seen a very different elf who goes by that name, one who looks flushed of skin, engorged almost. His very presence seems to generate a heat in the very blood, almost a painful boiling, even when in combat the most bloodthirsty stay clear, lest their very rage be controlled by the master of blood. The only think that chroniclers can link and therefore seem to believe that these two people are in fact the one and the same, is..the demeanour.