Applying to Raiding Teams

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So you wanna be a raider, huh?

Well looks like you've come to the right place. AIE darn near houses more raid teams than the rest of the server combined. Looking to raid? Well you'd think with all these teams, one of them would be for you!

Turns out you're in luck. There are. Many teams recruit for main positions, standby positions and for future rosters, or perhaps just may need a fill in for the night. But! What sets you apart from the rest?

Well? What does set you apart from the rest? Unfortunately, oftimes, I see many people post:

"Hey, I'm looking to raid, your times work well for me, here's my armory.

... and think that this a sufficient response to work your way in to the roster. Well don't be lavish at all, Lucy! What a doldrum that was to read. While, yes, you did get your name out there - how can I tell anything about you by your brusque response and an armory link? Tell us a little about yourself. I don't need an autobiography but I sure as heck wouldn't mind a little spice! Variety is the spice of life, right?

Here's what I like to see in a potential applicant:

"Hey! I noticed you guys may be in need of a ranged DPS in the coming weeks and I wondered if I could be of assistance? Your progression is right up my alley and I have an extensive raiding background and work well with others. You guys seem like a great team and your times fit my schedule perfectly. I always come to raid ready to rock and roll. I promise my soulstone 'cookies' aren't poisoned, but they may be a little crispy."

This. It gets the point across with without being too wordy, but also conveys what you're trying to get at with more than five words and a link. Add a touch of your personality, are you friendly, funny? Put it across in your message - a great persona can leave a lasting impression and make you sought after as a return fill in or even a permanent member after the night is over.

Reach out to the raiding community.

Over on our left, we can see the AIE Free Agent listing, established in 2008 it has serviced as an aid station to those looking to draft themselves into the raiding scene. To our right, we see AIELFG. This chat function of the game, accessed by /join aielfg ofttimes has messages of raiding teams recruiting or looking for a fill in. Utilize the two tools to your advantage, many a success has come through here.

I hope this helps, and good luck to those with raiding in their future!