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A Druid's Life is a Druid-focused recurring segment on The AIE Podcast presented by Arezzo. Arezzo is a Level 80 Druid primarily specced Feral, but his player Jon has much experience playing Balance and Resto too. Which leads him to think that he's got a view on matters Druidic that people might be interested in hearing.


The segments have so far featured general discussions around issues relevant to Druids of all types, with [a note by Arezzo on the AIE Forum] suggesting that some spec-specific segments will be coming up.

What are these Druids then?

Segment One from Podcast number 20 - An entry-level summary of the three-and-a-bit types of Druid, outlining the skills and abilities specific to Resto, Feral (DPS and Tank) and Balance specs, and the overall Druid abilities for the uninitiated.

Why is levelling a Druid so hard?

Segment Two from Podcast number 21 - A discussion of the challenges surrounding levelling the multi-faceted class and maintaining focus while gaining abilities in all three trees, given how extremely diverse they are (and moreso than other classes). Arezzo's advice: Decide which type of Druid you want to be from the outset. It's better to experiment around the edges of one central direction than try to experiment with three different directions at once.

Changes to Druid play

Segment Three from Podcast number 23 - Jon is now using a Two-Handed Mace for the first time on any of his many Druids, courtesy of the changes to Druid weapon bonuses which were introduced in Patch 3.0.8. He discusses the effect of this change and others on Druid players' gearing strategies and also explores what look like the most significant changes to come in Patch 3.1.

Mulgore? Why did it have to be Mulgore?

Segment Four from Podcast number 25 - In a change from our scheduled programming, a quick look at the alternative to leveling a Starter Druid in ("pretty but dull") Mulgore and The Barrens. Go East, young Tauren, and explore the possibilities of Eversong Woods and The Ghostlands, since there's a Druid Trainer in Silvermoon City, unlike any of the other Horde cities outside Thunder Bluff. Leveling to 20 in this part of the world makes a really pleasant change, and apart from a couple of quest lines which will take you around the place you can get everything you need to get started.

If you're going to grind... do it with a goal

Segment Five from Podcast number 26 - A review of the four main rep factions in Northrend and the best order to grind them for their reward gear depending on which type of Druid you are. Full details after release of the podcast.