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The AIE Nomads Roamed into FlapMMO on April 1st


About the Game:

FlapMMO is a free to play MMO which brings players to a challenging PVE environment that combines with PVP objectives. It draws on the rich landscape and gameplay mechanics of now defunct single player Flappybird.

Accessing the game:

The game is accessed at Typical download times can take anywhere from 5 to 12 seconds, so plan accordingly.

Choosing your theme:

FlapMMO breaks away from the conventional class systems. Your character type is determined not by a predetermined class system but instead is tied to the theme you choose. There are 3 themes at present including: Bird, Fish, and (what appears to be) Sperm. The Development team (of 1) has said more themes will come in future expansions!



Once you've chosen your theme, the game begins. You are instantly thrown into the PVP action where your character must overcome a neverending obsticle of pipes and... more pipes. Watch as your foes fall to their deaths, or watch your opponent bounces past you with a snickering smirk as you're stuck in the dirt..


Want to group up and take on the pipes with your fellow Nomad? The game now has a group up option.



Nomads-FlapMMO-Close up.jpg

The artwork of FlapMMO is debatably bar none. As with it's single player predecessor, a classy nod is given to the classic Super Mario Brothers.

Just look at the skyline!: