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The AIEU Free program is intended to provide cheap, basic PvP and PvE ships to members of Alea Iacta Est Universal haven't yet trained for more advanced ships that require higher skills, or for people who can't yet afford ships (or who are like most of the directorate and just can't afford ships period). This is a corporate-run service run by the AIEU directorate to help get AIEU pilots into the game as soon as possible and having a good time.

This service is always offered in AIEU's resources staging system, and ships are available to take form the corporate common hanger.

Remember to always INSURE your AIEU Free Ship. This way when it explodes YOU GET PAID TO LOSE SHIPS!!! Now ain't that great!!


Do you want to donate time, effort, ISK, or assets to the program? Send ISK to Alea Iacta Est Universal. If you wish to donate assets please contact Kuda Timberline or Drewson Houten.

Items available through AIEU Free


  • AIEU T1 Fit Condors
  • AIEU T1 Fit Talwars
  • AIEU T1 Fit Loaner Procurers "Just return them after you're done!"
  • AIEU T1 Fit Rifters
  • AIEU T1 Fit Catalysts
  • More to come!!!


  • Trucking takes time....More still to come.


  • See 08- more of the same.