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Warrior crest.jpg
Herald of the Titans
Game Name


Race Orc
Gender Male
Class Warrior
Professions Jewelcrafting Mining
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Flexy Encounters Raid Team


Level 90 Orc Protection/Fury Warrior.

"I tank it, you kill it, simple."

Raid Teams




Vanilla Beta, played to level 52 in Vanilla, took time off for real life. Joined during Burning Crusade the month before Wrath launched, soloed up to level 70, and got his 5,000 gold for Epic Flying doing the Isle of Qaeldanas dailies and joined Alea Iaca Est. Started tanking in Wrath during Naxxramus as a fill in tank, joined Drunk with Power 25 man in Ulduar, then joined Ambinsinister Strike Force 10 man and ran with them through the first tier of Cataclsym. Joined Not in the Face! 10 man for Firelands and then SIN 10 man. Ran with SIN through Mogashan Vaults in Mists of Pandaria and also ran with Adult Supervision Required 10 man. Skipped the last 2 bosses in Heart of Fear and killed the 4 bosses in Terrace of Endless Springs with Adult Supervision Required. Skipped Throne of Thunder and combined the powers of SIN and Adult Supervision Required to form Flexy Encounters Raid Team.

He has always been a Jewelcrafter and a miner with maxxed Cooking, Fishing, First Aid, and Archaeology.