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Main   Roster   Progression    

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Ambisinister Strike Force is a 10-man raiding team originally assembled to unlock and defeat each of the bosses in Trial Of The Crusader. ASF was founded in August 2009 by Ravanna and Maui. We are currently raiding Blackwing Descent,Bastion of Twilight and Throne of the Four Winds.

Raiding Schedule

Fridays starting at 7:30PM to 12PM EDT and Sundays Starting at 5:00PM to 8:00PM EDT (Server Time). We are considering additional days/times if the need arises.


Ambisinister Strike Force is currently looking for a reliable, skillful healer for a main spot. Preferably a priest of some description.

--Contact Ravanna in game, or throw a message in our forums if you are interested.

Loot Rules

Master Looter will list all epic drops and team will /roll as applicable. Main-spec, then off-spec rolls will be granted in case of multiple uses. Items that are not used will be disenchanted. In the case of an abundance of disenchants, the resulting pile of shards will be divided up and mailed in-game to the members of the team.

Gear Requirements

We intend to have fun with friends, but team members in Ambisinister Strike Force must be geared for the difficulty of encounters expected. Ideally, your character's "optimal content" yellow bar at Be Imba! will not start before the T11 rank at the bottom of that assessment. Please contact Ravanna if you need any help correcting missing enchants or gems, as we are overflowing with such.

Required Add-Ons

Please install and enable Ora3, Deadly Boss Mods, and Omen Threat Meter. Task-specific mods like Omni-CC and Decursive are highly recommended.

The Name


PRONUNCIATION: (am-bi-SIN-uh-stuhr)

MEANING: adjective: Clumsy with both hands. (Literally, with two left hands.)

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin ambi- (both) + sinister (on the left side).


We have our own youtube channel!

The channel is aieasf

Former Members

Zico Harrok Greyns Maui