Drunk with Power

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This raid team has disbanded, this page is here for archival purposes only.

Who We Are

Drunk with Power(10 man) We are semi casual raid team that while progression is not EVERYTHING, it is important as long as we keep it fun!

Raid Leaders


Raid Times

Monday/Tuesday nights at 10:30pm - 1:30am Pacific

Raid Thread on the AIE Forum


Important Note

  • By becoming a member of this 10 man you agree to save all 10 man content for this 10 man group.
  • This includes current instances we are working on, further progressed instances, and former content we have gone beyond
  • Former content has to be saved, due to the weekly raid quests. We never know what instance we will need to enter and we can not afford to have a locked member.

Our 10 man team is progressing very well and we can not afford to have to make substitutions when we progress into the new content we have not yet reached. By saving all of your 10 man lock outs for this team, it will ensure a very smooth and rapid progression**