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Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Male
Class Priest
Professions Tailoring Enchanting
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Gruul and Unusual Punishment
Over the Hill Gang

Nural Sanguitir is a Blood Elf Shadowpriest, and Centurion of Alea Iacta Est


Nural is of average height and weight for a middle-aged Blood Elf. His hair is a shock of silvery white that is mostly kept in a long, flowing tail.

Character History

Nural was born into the House of Sanguitir of Silvermoon City. Long known for their devotion to the light, the House of Sanguitir served as steadfast priests in service of the Sin'dorei for many generations. His duties as an accomplished healer and medic brought about his first service in battle during the 3rd War of Azeroth. While fighting the Scourge, Nural witnessed atrocities that would shake him to his very foundation of faith in the Holy Light. After seeing the slaughter of his people by the Scourge and their subsequent rising to join the undead ranks, Nural felt that the Light failed his people and he fell into a long period of doubt and confusion. He lost contact with any of the other survivors of the House.

In this time of doubt, Nural wandered Eversong Woods in contemplation of what his role in the future would be. His morning meditation to abate his arcane addictions became lengthier and he found a welling of power within himself. His power and confidence grew with every passing day. During these months of trudging through his directionless journey, he happened upon the Village of Tranquillen in the Ghostlands. He learned of the plight of this small community on the frontline and began to lend a hand in repelling the Scourge onslaught day after day. The blood elves defended the village valiantly and word spread that a large group of Forsaken were dispatched by the Banshee Queen to join in this pivotal fight.

The Forsaken reinforcements were met with some animosity by the blood elves, but they quickly proved their place in the fight against the Scourge. Among those Forsaken, Nural met the Bishop Andlin Beromoore, a member of the Cult of Forgotten Shadow. They fought side by side on a daily basis and the powerful Bishop saw the great welling of energy within Nural. He began to explain the beliefs of the Forgotten Shadow and how they draw their energies from the Shadow to bring about retribution on their enemies. With this new found direction, Nural became an ardent defender of the village and his power grew far beyond his imagination.

Armed with a potent understanding of the Shadow, he was charged by Bishop Beromoore to set out from Tranquillen and strike deeper into the heart of the Scourge. Nural's fight against the Scourge continues to this day. He is currently in Northrend with other fighters in preparation of the coming war against the Lich King himself.

Connections to other Characters