Gruul and Unusual Punishment

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GUP is a 25-man AIE guild-only Raid Group currently raiding Ulduar progression, VoA 25, and Onyxia 25 with an eye toward ToC 25 Also known as "Guppers"


Cerena (Gypsygirl)



This a list of all the current members. See Participation [[1]] for invite policy.


  • Ralff (Protection Warrior)
  • Tinytoot (Protection Warrior)
  • Bovne (Feral Druid)
  • Alachaas (Protection Paladin)
  • Cudd (Protection Warrior)
  • Skinnbones (Protection Warrior)


  • Cerena (Holy Priest)
  • Secondaid (Holy Priest)
  • Avalitha (Holy Paladin)
  • Abovan (Resto Druid)
  • Beyewell (Holy Priest)
  • Kahiko (Holy Priest)
  • Tatsukiiz (Holy Paladin)


  • Mollyshot (Pet Hunter)
  • Ashayo (Shiny Warlock)
  • Cleomenes (Burning Mage)
  • Eolder (Autoshot Hunter)
  • Fierehoof (Unbalance Druid)
  • Xanar (Best Hunter)
  • Thornhip (Bloodlust Shaman)
  • Hikikomori (Iocane Powder Mage)
  • Chanasa (Blood Death Knight)
  • Fuskami (PvP Hunter)
  • Ralcolus (Enzyte Shaman)
  • Lanctharus (Otter Paladin)
  • Gristlemissl (Chicken Druid)
  • Necroholic (Scary Dance Death Knight)
  • Forney (Angry Warrior)
  • Cruso (Winter Warlock)
  • Cattleun (Consonant Hunter)


These are our good friends that are not part of our main raid team, but run with us all the time. These are the first ones we look to when we need to fill spots.

Barloose - Raajin - Occularus - Kantaa - Ardala - Zewt - Vandilclaw - Barcnight - Matathias - Lliandria - Stigg - Ohrkid - Barcnight - Cashanian - Cogline


Punt a Gnome.png

GUP started as a raid group for Gruul's Lair and Magtheradon in TBC. After patch 3.0.0, we killed a handful of bosses on Mt Hyjal and in the Black Temple. With the introduction of WotLK, we had decided to concentrate with 25-man Heroic Naxxramas to gear up members for further 25-man raids in Northrend. As of May 2009, we have been focusing on Ulduar.

The typical GUP participant has good sense of humor, likes an eclectic soundtrack for raiding, and prefers an organized but low-stress approach to raiding.

Raid Times

The normal start time for our weekly raid is Friday at 10pm and Sunday at 9pm(server time). Raid invites and summons start 15 minutes before raid 'go' time. You are expected to be at the instance by raid time - watch the raid warning for any change to the scheduled location (i.e. VoA when we control Wintergrasp).


  • Reservations will be done through the In-Game Calendar Invite system. Both main and alt members are expected to accept or decline, unfortunately Blizzard has yet to implement 'maybe', please respond on the side of caution.
  • Preference will be given to primary members followed by alts.
  • If you accept the raid invite and do not show up within 10 minutes of raid start without notification, Raid Leaders will begin searching for a replacement from alts who have accepted the invite or swapping around off-specs.
  • If you repeatedly accept the invite and don't show, or come late, your roster spot will be given up at the Raid Leaders' discretion. Exceptions are also decided upon by the Raid Leaders.

Loot Rules

Looting will be set to Master Looter and bidding restricted to the class guidelines given by WoW Loot. If a piece of loot drops that can benefit your class and spec you will receive priority as per the site. We are using the Suicide Kings method of loot distribution. We think this is a fair method that encourages players to return each week. We use the KSK addon to manage our SK lists, BUT is not necessary for raid team members to have this addon. We have three loot lists "Guppers Main", Guppers Off-spec" and "Guppers Tier".

All raid team members can bid on loot, stand-ins as well as regular members.


XT Baby.png

We have few rules, just to keep things fun and moving along...

  • PUNCTUALITY: We strive to start on time, this is essential. We understand unexpected conflicts, but keep in mind you have 24 other people counting on you who are also working professionals, parents, or students as well who have scheduled a time for raiding within their busy schedules.
  • BOSS FIGHTS: We do a lot of joking around during down time and trash mobs, but during boss fights talking will be kept to a minimum and only boss fight related matters will be discussed. The most overlooked keys to boss fights are concentration and calm; with this rule we hope to down bosses easier (which is fun for everyone).
  • WIPES: It happens--when it does, we need to release, regroup and rebuff quickly to get another shot at the boss. Often, we only need to make a small adjustment to the fight. So everyone knows when it is an official wipe, we will use our code phrase: "Banana Hammock".


We require the following add-ons.